Okay we are back to the catfish footage. Me and wifey layed the smack down! 20+ fish. This was filmed quite a bit ago. Actually on my birthday back in may. These were some interesting results and showed some key things. The best catfish bait is usually what the catfish are feeding on. American eel are prevalent throughout the river, but I believe the thick slime coat is what attracts them so much. Shad was definitely getting the bigger fish, but eel kept up with the numbers. This is actually the first bait challenge video I have done so if you all enjoyed let me know. Like I said I will be back cat fishing now and hope to keep the videos rolling out. The Potomac river blue catfish are so much fun, and you can do so much experimenting with them. Bank fishing is undefeated!

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Hello all, My name is mark Pickett and I love fishing and exploring the outdoors. I have been fishing “seriously”for about 11 years now. I film fishing videos a few times a week and I am excited to share that all with the people online. Fishing is my passion, so I am always trying to bring the best content as possible. As time goes on, I look to improve the quality of my videos. Right now I do a lot of fishing for big catfish, but I enjoy catching multispecies as well. Enjoy the videos!

Alexandria, VA

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