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10 Coffee Shops in Baltimore Not to Miss - from Roasters to Matcha Lattes


Baltimore is an exploding scene. Hipsters are roasting, different types of milk are being frothed or just warmed, the coffee is served cold, warm, iced, drip, with mocha and in many variations in the cafes in Baltimore.

However, what really stood out about the coffee shops Baltimore to me was they take their coffee very very seriously. There appears to be an almost scientific approach to the perfect brew. And it is paying off with some very high-quality coffee and service and growth in Baltimore coffee roasters.

Here are 10 of the Best Coffee Shops in Baltimore:

1. Coffee Shops Baltimore - Ceremony Coffee Roasters Mount Vernon

Ceremony Coffee Baltimore was my first Baltimore cafe experience and boy did I luck out staying around the corner from this popular Mount Vernon coffee shop.

This Baltimore Coffee Roaster has a lovely large open space with lots of people and their laptops enjoying the atmosphere and the coffee Baltimore style.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters began outside Baltimore in Annapolis Maryland and this lovely Mount Vernon location is relatively new. And Ceremony Baltimore is far more than just a place to grab a coffee and run.

Ceremony Coffee offers classes, you can see the brewing process, it is possible to subscribe online and there is a delicious albeit very healthy-sounding brunch menu. has to be one of the best coffee shops in Baltimore county - it's all in the science at Ceremony Coffee Roasters!

2. Artifact Coffee – near Hampden

This coffee shop in Baltimore is in a bit of an odd location. The first time you head to Artifact Coffee Baltimore it is most likely that you will feel you have lost your way but that is probably not the case. Artifact Coffee is located in a place called Union Mill that is a residence and has offices – and Artifact.

Artifact Coffee is quite a big space and wonderfully atmospheric. It may take you some time to get through the coffee menu. There are an espresso bar and a tea bar (just thought I should mention that in case you had a non-coffee weird person with you).

Then there is pour-over coffee, morning coffee, cafe latte, of course, Japanese cold brew iced coffee and more iced coffee. Mill - home to some of the best coffee Baltimore at Artifact

There is also a pretty great menu on offer at Artifact Coffee. The café was set up by Baltimore’s first James Beard award-winning chef Spike Gjerde of Woodberry Kitchen. They host dinners and there are coffee cuppings every Tuesday at 1230pm. I don’t know what that is so if you go please email me and I’ll add it in.

Even if you don’t make it out to Artifact Coffee this Baltimore coffee roaster has its coffee being served in quite a few hot spots around town (see the next entry) so you may get to sample it anyway. Be on the lookout as it is sure to be a good coffee Baltimore spot if they are serving Artifact.

3. Bird in Hand Cafe Bookshop – Charles Village

I knew Bird in Hand would have some of the best coffee in Baltimore when I found out it served Artifact coffee! Very appropriately for its location near John Hopkins, Bird in Hand café is also a bookstore.

Bird in Hand Baltimore not only serves great coffee but it also holds readings and is a genuinely lovely place to sit and relax with a drink and of course a book. There is also a great breakfast/snacks/lunch menu with everything from sandwiches to pizzas to salads at this cafe Baltimore. amongst the books at one of the best Baltimore coffee shops Artifact

4. 3 Beans Coffee – Federal Hill

3 Bean Coffee is a very community-focused coffee shop in the lovely Federal Hill neighborhood and possibly the best coffee shop in the Baltimore inner harbor area - in my opinion.

3 Bean Coffee Baltimore host bands, workshops, again the mysterious coffee cuppings and more. 3 Bean also has an extensive coffee menu. In addition to your classic espresso range and pour over they also offer lavender and honey graham lattes. bricks at this Baltimore tea and coffee shop - the best of the coffee shops Baltimore Inner Harbor

I can never bring myself to order these drinks even though I am always keen to photograph them. Just can’t get past my classic Melbourne Flat white.

There are a bunch of teas at 3 Bean as well but we’re not so interested in that. More fun is the 3 Bean range of pies and pastries from the wonderfully named Dangerously Delicious.

5. Dooby’s Cafe – Mount Vernon

Dooby’s Cafe is quite a few things. It is a Korean restaurant or Korean influenced restaurant in the evening. Dooby's Baltimore is also a fantastic place for breakfast/brunch and coffee.

I enjoyed the far west omelet which was a super filling extravaganza! It was a tough choice vs the great-sounding breakfast sandwiches on offer at Dooby's Cafe Baltimore. dumplings at Dooby's

So after breakfast Dooby’s apparently has some pretty great pork buns and Korean treats going on. Coffee wise there are the classic espresso options, drip, iced brew, and even a caramel miso latte. If you try it let me know what it’s like!

6. Pitango – Fell’s Point

Pitango Cafe is a lovely large airy bakery with great outdoor seating is in the heart of the Fells Point neighborhood. This coffee shop Fells Point is the perfect place for a coffee and brunch on a sunny morning. Pitango Bakery - a great pick in Fells Point for a coffee shop Baltimore option

And beyond everything Pitango Bakery Baltimore has gelato making courses. And they are very famous for their gelato so this is something you absolutely must try when you come along on a sunny day and sit outside.

7. Spro Coffee – Hampden

Another Baltimore coffee roaster which is always a good sign. Spro Coffee is a full supply chain from farm sourcing single origin to the table. The classic Spro Coffee café is in Hampden but they are also at the Hampden Farmers Market as well as supplying coffee to others in the area.

Spro Coffee has been around since 2006 so these guys know what they’re doing. They also run events like personalized coffee training etc etc of Artifact Coffee, one of the great coffee roasters Baltimore has on offer

8. Daily Grind – Fell’s Point

Combine a visit to the Daily Grind Fells Point with some Hollywood-esque sightseeing – the police station from well-known tv show Homicide is around the corner! The Daily Grind Baltimore roast their own beans in East Baltimore and have an extensive menu.

They also sell their beans – in-store and online. In addition to the usual suspects of espresso and drip Daily Grind have a range of fun and quirky beverages.

The red-eye is coffee with shots of espresso, the dirty chai which is chai with espresso etc. There is are also good breakfast and lunch menus and this is one of the great coffee shops Baltimore. Coffee.............

9. Café Jovial – Pigtown

Very well known for its homemade food, Café Jovial is often cited as well for its great coffee. They have a classic espresso-based coffee menu and don’t do some of the more scientific brewing options.

Cafe Jovial Baltimore also serves tea and fabulous smoothies. This is a great spot for lunch and coffee. And you can’t go wrong in an area called Pigtown. cute and funky Dooby's

10. Ground & Griddled – R.House near Charles Village

R.House is a fantastic modern food market concept. It has about 10 odd different stalls covering different cuisines which all sound amazing. And for coffee, they have Ground & Griddled.

The ground of the title is the coffee – full espresso menu as well as drip, cold brew etc. The griddled is delicious breakfast sandwiches that are served till 2 pm.

The Best Coffee Baltimore

My choice for the best coffee shop in Baltimore Maryland has to be Ceremony Coffee Roasters. Their coffee is outstanding and their expertise very clear.

And just to be clear - I paid for my coffee at all of the above so my vote from Ceremony Coffee is very much just my independent opinion.

NB – quite a few articles I read in researching this post mentioned The Bun Shop. Unfortunately, this has now closed. at Dooby's

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