Girlfriend becomes concerned after boyfriend continues to get in debt for his dream career “I’m superficial for caring”

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Everyone needs a supportive spouse by their side when deciding on a career path while in a relationship. A supportive spouse will give their spouse time to get things together, and will show support even if the spouse's career choice isn't one they necessarily agree with. The love and appreciation is so high to where it turns into believing in your spouse's decision to become successful. Some careers take longer, are highly stressful, and may require self investment For one young lady , who has been with her boyfriend for one year, she believes her boyfriend's chosen career path is an addiction in disguise.

Addiction Mountain or Success Valley

From the beginning of the relationship the boyfriend was honest with the girlfriend on his aspiration to become a professional poker player. Professional poker players have to spend a lot of time studying the game and requires a lot of investment money.Thinking realistically about your current life situation is something the players have to consider as well. Being the person she is, the girlfriend still decided to give the relationship a try. To make their bond stronger, they decided to move in with one another.

At one point in time, he was able to save $10,000 but has ran through this money to support his career. Being the boyfriend he his, he turned to his girlfriend for additional funds. Being the girlfriend she is, she gave it to him. He is now $3,000 in debt with her for rent and bills, and $1,000 in debt with his friend.

Not only is he in debt, but he spends all of his time playing poker. His schedule consist of work, going to poker training classes, coming home, and then playing poker until 3 a.m. which is causing friction in the relationship.

Now the girlfriend is fed up with things because she is taking on all of the financial responsibilities in the home along with her boyfriend not showing her any appreciation for what she is doing for them.

I have paid for all of the rent and bills, and half of the food. He contributes to the weekly shop twice a month and that is all I receive financially from him. He does not thank me or is grateful that I have been financially supporting us for months.

She has also expressed her true feelings about his selection of a career field.

I believe my boyfriend has become addicted and is too proud and afraid to admit his failures, as it would admit he has wasted time and money on something that will never be successful.

Gambling in America

According to The Recovery Village, more than 10 million Americans have a gambling addiction. One of the signs of someone having a problem is borrowing money from family and friends. Those who have an addiction will also spend the money on their gambling addiction instead of handling important things such as paying bills. These are some of the things the boyfriend is currently doing.

Gamblers also like to hide what they are doing; however, this is something the boyfriend never did. The girlfriend specifically stated he was upfront about his desire to become a professional poker player. She just has a small amount of knowledge about poker and the dedication he has for poker which is something she acknowledged herself.

The Boyfriend's Thoughts

The boyfriend feels as if the girlfriend is being selfish and putting too much pressure on him.

He says I'm superficial for caring about the money and that other professional poker player partners will even support them financially for up to a year or more, which I have no idea how true that statement even is.


One person responded by telling the girlfriend

I think 1 year is enough time to give yourself to become profitable at poker(with the proper level of dedication). If it's not happening after 1 year it's likely never going to.

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The BF is not a Pro player. He has bad money management and probably not the temperament for poker. Time to dump the loser

What are your thoughts?

Is this a situation the girlfriend should have avoided because the boyfriend was upfront with her from the beginning of the relationship? Does it seem as if the boyfriend has an addiction or the regular actions of someone following their dreams? Please share below.


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