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Police Skeptical Of Foster Parents Story About Disabled Son's Disappearance, But Release Them Anyway

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Hassani Jamil Campbell (left), Louis Ross (top) and Jennifer Campbell (bottom)Photo byThe Charley Project

Hassani Campbell was born on September 24, 2003, with cerebral palsy, a neurological group of disorders that affect the ability to move and maintain balance and posture. Hassani's mother suffered from health issues and substance abuse, according to the Charley Project.

In December 2008, when he was five years old, the little boy was sent to live with his aunt, Jennifer Campbell, and her fiance, Louis Ross. The California State Division of Children and Family services felt Jennifer and Louis were good foster parents for Hassani. By then, Hassani could walk, but he was unable to run or jump and wore support braces on his feet, and the agency noted that Jennifer and Louis were attentive to Hassani's medical needs, the Charley Project reports. The couple decided to start the legal steps necessary to adopt Hassani.

In 2009, 5-year-old Hassani was a student at James Leitch Elementary School and he was living in the 5900 block of Roxie Terrace in Fremont, California with his foster family. On August 10, 2009, Hassani and his one-year-old sister, Aaliyah, were with their foster father, Louis. Jennifer was at work at the Shuz store in the 6000 block of College Avenue where she was a manager.

Louis drove the children to the store in his 2002 BMW to drop them off with Jennifer. According to Louis, he left Hassani standing beside the car while he took Aaliyah with him to unlock the store door, reports the Charley Project. When he returned to his vehicle, Hassani was gone.

Investigators conducted an extensive search, but there was no sign of Hassani.

After the disappearance of Hassani, Aaliyah was taken into protective custody, authorities impounded Louis's 2002 BMW, and a search warrant was conducted on their home. The Charley Project reports Louis failed a polygraph test, and Jennifer refused to take the test. She said she was pregnant and feared the test would harm her unborn fetus.

According to court records, Louis left Hassani and Aaliyah home alone while he went to a bank. Ten days before Hassani disappeared, on July 31, 2009, Jennifer received a text message from Louis. He threatened to leave Hassani on the Bay Area Rapid Transit platform alone. He told authorities he had no intentions of leaving Hassani alone. He said he was just mad at Jennifer, reports the Charley Project.

Investigators were skeptical of the stories provided by both Louis and Jennifer. Their tracker dogs never picked up Hassani's scent from the store parking lot and the family's neighbors told investigators no one had seen Hassani for at least two weeks before he was reported missing.

Investigators determined the last sighting of Hassani was on August 6, 2009. He was captured on surveillance cameras at a Walmart in Fremont, California.

On August 28, 2009, Louis and Jennifer were arrested on suspicion of murder. Prosecutors determined the evidence against the couple was insufficient and released Jennifer on August 31, 2009, and Louis on September 1, 2009.

In November 2009, Jennifer gave birth to a baby girl, she and Louis broke up, and the couple moved out of the home they shared.

Authorities stated they don't know where to look for Hassani and report they are no longer actively searching for him, reports the Charley Project.

Hassani has never been found. Hassani Jamil Campbell was 3'0" and weighed 40 pounds when he vanished. If you have any information, please contact the Oakland Police Department at 510-777-3333.

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