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One Cold December, Two Dayton, Ohio Women Vanished Weeks Apart. They Have Never Been Found

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Connie Leonard (left) and Dawn Sneed (right)Photo byThe Charley Project

Connie Leonard and Dawn Sneed are women who disappeared from Dayton, Ohio in 1995. The daughter of Connie Leonard, Angelic, reached out to me after finding the story about Dawn Sneed on The Vivid Faces of the Vanished page. Angelic and her siblings grew up without her mom, and she would like answers.

It was November 1995. 31-year-old Connie Leonard lived on the west side of Dayton, Ohio, with her mother, Ella Leonard, and her four children. Connie was a loving woman who was close to her family. She has two sisters and four brothers and always had a great relationship with her son and three daughters.

One day in mid-November, Connie told her mother, Ella, she was walking to the neighborhood store, The Oxford Food Market, at the corner of Oxford Road and Rosedale on the west side of Dayton.

Connie never returned. No one has seen or heard from her since.

Connie’s mother, Ella, was not overly concerned at first. Connie would leave for a few days at a time, but she always returned. When she did not hear from her daughter after several days, and no one had seen her, Ella reported Connie missing. The date listed for her disappearance is December 1, 1995.

Angelic, now 26 years old, is searching for her mother and any information on her disappearance. She and her siblings had to grow up without the mother they loved and the mother who cherished them. Her brother, who was 13 years old at the time, does not talk about his mom or her disappearance. The pain of his missing mother is too devastating for him to discuss.

Connie had a crack-cocaine habit and was known to solicit on the west side of Dayton. She has a prior record of solicitation. Angelic knows the lifestyle her mother led may have likely led to her disappearance. However, she recalls the love her mother had for them, the fond memories of her mother's voice and her touch. She knows that her mother loves her family, and she wants to know what happened to her mom.

Connie never really disclosed who she dated to her family. Angelic and her siblings have different fathers, and Angelic is unaware of who her father is.

“Those things don’t matter to us," Angelic said. “My mother loved us, and we love her. I just want to know what happened to my mom. Why won’t anyone say anything?”

Dawn Sneed is another young Dayton, Ohio woman who suddenly vanished in December of 1995. 27-year-old Dawn disappeared only one month after Connie Leonard. According to the Ohio Attorney General's website, the last sighting of Dawn was by a family member on Christmas Eve of 1995.

There is no further information available on her case and no new updates. Neither of their disappearances has received much media coverage.

These two women share many similarities. Both disappeared from the same area in Dayton, Ohio, both women vanished weeks apart, and both were known drug users.

Through social media, several people reached out who knew both Dawn and Connie. No one could confirm if the women knew each other, but many people believe it was likely, as they hung out in the same circles. Could these disappearances be related?

When I spoke with Angelic 3 years ago, her grandmother, Ella, was 86 years old with Alzheimer's. Angelic said that her grandmother never spoke about her daughter anymore, and her family does not bring Connie up to her.

They don’t want to hurt her and she “barely remembers us”, Angelic said.

Both of these women have children who grew up without them. They have family members and friends who want to know what happened to their loved ones. Until those answers come, two families search & wait. They pray and fight. They never give up the hope of finding these women they hold forever in their hearts.

Dawn Sneed is 5’2" and weighed 110 pounds when she vanished. Connie Leonard is 5’3” and 106 pounds when she disappeared. If you have any information, please contact the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation at 740-845-2406.

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