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Body Of 75-Year-Old Missing Baltimore Woman Found After Home Burglarized And Stranger Found Sleeping In Her Bed

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Baltimore Police have identified human remains found on March 7, 2023, as 75-year-old Versey Mae Spell, a retired federal employee, and MLB greeter. Versey was reported missing on October 19, 2022, when her family found the basement door of her home kicked in, her home ransacked, Versey missing, and a strange woman sleeping in her bed.

Her skeletal remains were located inside a container found in the 3400 block of Garrison Boulevard in Baltimore, Maryland. The coroner ruled her death as a homicide.

“Homicide detectives are actively investigating this murder,” Baltimore police spokesperson James A. Merritt stated in an email to Law & Crime, MSN reports. “There are no additional details to share at this time.”

Original Story:

Versey Mae Spell is a retired federal government employee who works as a seasonal greeter at Camden Yards, a local sports stadium in Baltimore, Maryland. Versey, who suffers from lupus and polio, uses a cane to assist her in walking.

On October 14, 2022, Bettea Brown-Wilson dropped her 75-year-old sister, Versey, off at her home in the 3900 block of Barrington Road.

“We had went out for her doctor’s appointment and came back, had dinner. My husband took her home and that’s the last anybody had seen her,” Bettea Brown-Wilson told WMAR.

Five days after she dropped Versey off, on October 19, 2022, her landlord called Bettea and told her no one could reach her sister. Versey's brother went to check on his sister and discovered and discovered an unexpected scene. Her home was broken into, and Versey was gone.

“Her landlord sent her brother to the house to check on my sister and the house, and the house has been broken into upstairs and downstairs and my sister was missing from the house. They had broken in through the back door of the basement. They came upstairs through the first-floor apartment and then they went upstairs to the second-floor apartment,” Bettea told WMAR.

Her brother found a strange woman inside his sister's house, in her bed.

“He asked who are you, and she said who are you, and he said you don’t live here and she said my friend brought me here, and he said your friend, this is my sister’s house, get out of her bed. And she just jumped up, pushed him, and ran out the front door,” Bettea told WMAR.

The family found her cane and other personal items in the house.

“They just destroyed her apartment completely, everything was all over the place. What I seen that was missing? The television, and some jars. She had a lot of jars with change and stuff in them they were missing,” Bettea told WMAR.

Bettea told WMAR the home appeared to have been broken into multiple times since Versey vanished, and the police have not been much help in assisting the family in the search for Versey or in questioning the unknown occupants of her burglarized home.

“It’s not like she’s going to walk anywhere or go with anybody because we are close-knit family, and if she need a ride I will take her, my daughter will take her, somebody would take her and she wouldn’t go off with nobody,” Bettea told WMAR. “I’m asking the public if anybody has seen her or know anything about the house and her please get in contact with the police department."

Versey Mae Spell is 5'5" and weighs 140 pounds. If you have any information, please contact the Baltimore Police Department at 410-396-2466.

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