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Her Boyfriend Said She "Stormed Out" In The Middle Of The Night. This Georgia Mother Has Never Been Seen Again

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The youngest of five siblings, Athena Joy Curry grew up in Portland, Oregon, raised by her parents, Cicero and Rosalind Curry. She ran track, played softball at Grant High School, and loves listening to music and watching scary movies.

During her senior year at Grant, Athena moved to Duluth, Georgia where she lived with her older sister, Aisha. She made the move in 2008, graduated from Martin Luther King Jr, High School, and enrolled at the University of Phoenix, reports the Charley Project. Athena wanted to be a pediatrician.

In 2009, Athena met a man, Yusef Mujahid, and in January 2010 Athena gave birth to their son together, King Kare.

“That was her dream,” her sister Aisha told NBC News. “And she worked hard. She had King and she was a devoted mother to him for 16 months. And the whole time, she continued to work toward her goal of becoming a pediatrician. We never stopped planning for her future.”

Although Athena and King lived with Aisha, they would often spend the night at Yusef's place in Southwest Atlanta. On Memorial Day Weekend 2011, 20-year-old Athena and 16-month-old King traveled 45 minutes by public transportation to Yusef's house on Beecher Street in Atlanta, Georgia, reports NBC News. The family planned to spend the weekend looking for a rental property.

“I was a little shocked because I didn’t think they were back together. I didn’t even think they had been communicating,” Aisha told NBC News.

According to the Charley Project, Yusef was previously arrested for punching Athena in the face and threatening her with a stun gun. He claims Athena was violent with him, as well, and even stabbed him with a pair of scissors.

On Friday, May 27, 2011, Aisha called to check on Athena and King.

“Athena had been at his house for a few days at that point and I just wanted to check on her and King,” Aisha told NBC News. “Earlier that day, I was talking to my mom and she told me she had a sick feeling. So I called Athena.”

Aisha spoke with Athena around midnight. She said it sounded like her sister was sleeping, assured Aisha she was okay, and the siblings hung up.

When Athena and King failed to return home to Duluth on Monday, May 30, 2011, Aisha tried to call her several times. Athena's phone was turned off, and Aisha was unable to reach her sister, reports NBC News.

On Tuesday, May 31, 2011, Yusef texted Aisha asking if she heard anything from her sister, Athena.

Yusef said the couple had an argument, and Athena "stormed out" of the house around 3:00 am on Saturday, her website, AthenaJoyCurry.com, states. He said she left wearing a tank top and shorts and that she left King and all of her belongings behind. Athena, who does not own a vehicle, would have had to walk.

Aisha called the police immediately.

According to NBC News, Atlanta Police Sergeant Cheree Herbert said the couple got into an argument due to text messages Yusef received from another woman. Authorities conducted several searches in the immediate and surrounding area, but there was no sign of Athena.

“It was my worst nightmare come true,” Aisha told NBC News. “Something had happened to Athena. I just know it. She didn’t just walk away from her life. From her son. King was her pride and joy. She would never, ever leave him.”

Yusef has maintained his innocence in Athena's disappearance.

“Honestly, anything could have happened,” Yusef told WXIA. "I'm her boyfriend. I was with her at the time. I can't blame them," he said. "They can think what they want to think ... I'm not trying to convince you or anyone I'm innocent."

According to NBC News, her family said he has been active in the search for Athena.

“I have no doubt that she walked outside to cool off from their argument,” Aisha told NBC News. “But where would she go? It was the middle of the night, nothing was open and she didn’t have a car. And she would never just walk away from her son.”

Athena Joy Curry is 5'8" and weighed 150 pounds when she vanished. If you have any information, please contact the Atlanta Police Department at 404-546-2511.

Aisha created a Facebook page, Missing Athena Curry:




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