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Ambitious Ohio Mother Brutally Murdered In Front of Her 2-Year-Old Son: The Unsolved Murder of Alicia Jackson

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When Alicia Jackson started high school, she and her family moved from Kentucky to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Alicia, who was extremely talented, was in the orchestra and concert band.

Even though Alicia didn't know anyone, she had no trouble making friends, her father, Kevin Jackson, told Dateline NBC.

“As a senior, she was homecoming queen. And in academics, she was on the honor roll,” Kevin told Dateline. “She was able to establish herself as a leader. I was really proud of her for that.”

When she graduated, Alicia wanted to pursue her bachelor's degree in architecture so the ambitious young woman enrolled at The Ohio State University (OSU) in Columbus, Ohio.

Within a few years of attending OSU, Alicia met Eugene Wilson. According to Alicia's family, Eugene and Alicia had a good relationship.

“He was on track as far as academics, and he came from a Godly family. These are all positive things,” Kevin said told Dateline NBC. “Of course, I still gave him 50 questions when I first met him.”

According to Dateline, as their relationship grew, Alicia and Eugene spent more time with each other's families. Alicia's family reports she grew especially close to Sarah Wilson, Eugene's mother.

“The Wilson family, as a whole, definitely gave me comfort in terms of how they cared for Alicia,” Kevin told Dateline.

In 2007, Alicia graduated from OSU and she decided to stay in Columbus, Ohio to pursue her master's degree. Later the same year, Alicia found out she was pregnant. She and Eugene moved in together, and Alicia gave birth to their son, Eugene Jeremiah Wilson, on July 29, 2008.

According to Dateline, Alicia's cousin Shauntay Jackson told the news outlet that Eugene fathered another child a few months after Jeremiah was born.

“I knew that hurt Alicia substantially because that means he was having another relationship probably while she was pregnant,” her father Kevin told Dateline.

In September 2010, Alicia's cousin Shauntay got married. Alicia made sure she took Jeremiah back to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for her cousin's wedding. That visit would be the last time Shauntay saw Alicia.

A few months after her wedding, Alicia told Shauntay she and Eugene were thinking about moving to Texas.

“Eugene was going to get a job in Dallas and she was thinking about going with him,” Shauntay told Dateline.

On December 1, 2010, Alicia texted Shauntay and said, “I just want to let you know I love you.”

Shauntay thought the message was random, reports Dateline, but she responded back to Alicia.

The next day, on December 2, 2010, Alicia picked Jeremiah up from the babysitter's. According to The Clermont Sun, Alicia stopped at a local store and headed to their apartment on the north side of Columbus. The pair arrived home around 5:30 pm.

Eugene, who was still working on his master's degree, was attending classes at Ohio State University.

The 25-year-old mother placed Jeremiah in his high chair and turned on cartoons for him to watch. Alicia then started making meatloaf for dinner. As dinner cooked, Alicia sat at the coffee table and started reviewing some bills, reports The Clermont Sun.

When Eugene arrived home, he discovered a horrific scene. Alicia, who had been stabbed over 30 times, lay on their couch deceased. Thankfully, 2-year-old Jeremiah remained unharmed in his high chair.

Eugene immediately called 911.

The young mother was stabbed repeatedly in the head, neck, and chest reported Patriot-News. Authorities believe the toddler witnessed the brutal attack on his mother. Dateline reports investigators believe the murder occurred around 9:00 pm. According to reports, one detective described it as the worst crime scene he ever experienced.

Detectives began an investigation and extensive search f the area for any evidence. There was no forced entry, leading investigators to believe Alica may have known her killer, and likely let them in. Two laptops were stolen from the crime scene, but the killer left behind Alicia's purse.

Authorities questioned if this was truly a robbery, or if there was information on the laptops the killer did not want to be seen. Investigators report there have been numerous suspects in Alicia's murder over the years, but no arrest has ever been made.

According to her family, Alicia's funeral service was full of people who loved her and the lives she impacted.

“Eugene and his whole family came to the services,” her cousin Shauntay told Dateline. “We had to have a net over the casket because she had stab wounds on her face and her neck.”

A few months after her murder, Eugene and Jeremiah moved to Dallas, Texas. According to her family, Eugene has custody of Jeremiah and Jeremiah has little contact with them.

“Jeremiah comes in the summer, for a week or two. I would love to have more time with him,” Alicia’s father Kevin told Dateline. “That’s the only memory I have of Alicia.”

If you have any information about the murder of Alicia Jackson, please contact the Columbus Police Department at 614-645-4036.

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