Three Sons Murdered In One Week: The Unspeakable Loss Of Bryan, Bradley, And Brandon

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Brandon, Bryan, and Bradley Veal are brothers who were murdered seven days apart in New Orleans, Louisiana. None of their murders have been solved.

“To know that whoever the perpetrators are, are still walking around doing whatever and we have no idea who they could be or who they are,” a family member told WWLTV. “So, for us to just come out and talk openly about it, it’s frightening.”

Brandon, Bryan, and Bradley grew up and lived in New Orleans, Louisiana. The three siblings had a bond, were very close and were always together. Family and friends describe the boys as "gentle giants," reports WWLTV.

On February 13, 2021, some of the Veal family members were out of town in Baton Rouge, having dinner. It was then that their father received a chilling phone call. It was his son Brandon. The boys were walking near Washington and Loyola Avenues in the Central City of New Orleans when some unidentified men approached them in a vehicle. The men fired shots at the boys, and Bryan and Bradley were hit. 26-year-old Bryan, the middle brother, was shot multiple times and died of his wounds at the scene. 21-year-old Bradley, the youngest, was shot twice.

“They told me they were walking down the street and that the guys just picked on them," their father told WWLTV. “They noticed a car following them. They finally pulled up on them and started shooting out of the car.”

Brandon, who was uninjured, was so inconsolable and hysterical that officers detained him, and placed him in jail. They also detained Bradley, who was wounded by the gunfire.

“They said that was the only way they could contain them, to get control of the scene,” a family member told WWLTV. “It should be a normal thing to have hysterical brothers who saw their brother get murdered on the street.”

The family, devastated, began planning a funeral for Bryan. A week after his murder, on February 20, 2021, the family went to the funeral home to finalize arrangements.

Afterward, Brandon and Bradley went to get some food and called their father. When the two brothers left the McDonalds in the 3100 block of Carondelet Street in New Orleans, three men emerged from the bushes and gunned 30-year-old Brandon and his younger brother Bradley down. Neighbors attempted to help the bleeding young men, but neither brother survived their injuries.

“I just sent them money for them to eat that afternoon and the last words I heard was, 'We love you, Dad. Thank you Dad. We love you, Man. I’m sorry, man,'” their father told WWLTV. “On their way back home to feed their mom and themselves, they were murdered.”

Unbelievably, they were murdered less than a mile away from where their brother's homicide took place, and exactly seven days later.

Their mother suffered so greatly, she had to be hospitalized for a mental health emergency after Brandon and Bradley were killed.

“We are devastated. In one week we lost three members of our family. We are still in disbelief. All of our boys are gone,” a family member told WWLTV.

The Veal family told WWLTV there is surveillance video from a neighbor's doorbell camera of the vehicle pulling up and opening fire, but the New Orleans Police Department will not allow them to view the footage.

Their parents, forced to say goodbye, buried their three sons, who were gunned down within one week.

There have been no suspects named and no arrests made in the homicides of Brandon, Bryan, and Bradley Veal.

If you have any information, please call the Homicide Unit at 504-658-5300 or call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111 and toll-free at 1-877-903-7867. There is a $10,000 reward that expires on 3/8/2023 for any information.

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