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The Disappearance Of A West Virginia Taxi Cab Driver Who Vanished While Working His Shift

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Like his father, 31-year-old Bobby Eugene Adams worked as a cab driver for C&H Taxi Company in Charleston, West Virginia. Bobby, his wife, and his children lived in Huntington, West Virginia, but he spent most of his time in Charleston.

On Saturday, November 30, 1991, Bobby was seen driving his cab on Washington Street East around 4:00 am. He was seen with an unidentified white male, between the ages of 35 and 40, with medium-length blond hair.

"We don't know at this point whether that was a fare or a friend or whatever. It could have been anything, we don't know," Lt. Pat Epperhart told WCHS.

Around 5:00 pm the same day, a neighbor discovered his abandoned taxi cab hidden in a wooded area on Twilight Drive. The car had a broken light, and authorities discovered large pools of blood on the back floorboards and seat. Newly purchased Christmas gifts for his family were found in the trunk of the cab, but Bobby was nowhere to be found.

His co-workers were clueless, shocked, and on edge.

"Everyone is real tense and nervous about it. You can feel the tension in the air from all the drivers," co-worker Linda Curry told WCHS. "He was a real nice guy, very nice and very friendly."

At the beginning of the investigation, authorities were unaware if the blood found belonged to Bobby. They later determined the blood was the same blood type as Bobby's.

"The amount of blood that was found inside the taxi cab, they felt and I felt that no one could survive that," Charleston Police Chief of Detectives Lt. Tony Hazelett told WCHS. "There was no gun found, no casings found. No knife or nothing like that."

In 1991, his father, Bobby Clark, told WCHS, "Not knowing where he is, that's the part that hurts. I hate to think that he's dead, but under the circumstances, I can't think of anything else. He wouldn't stay away this long."

Bobby Eugene Adams has never been found and the unidentified man he was last seen with has never come forward with information.

Bobby Eugene Adams is 5'0" and weighed 110 pounds when he vanished. If you have any information, please contact the Charleston Police Department at 304-348-6480.

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