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Devoted Tennessee Mother Dropped Her Children Off And Never Returned: What Happened To Nadine?

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Nadine Rochelle Rogers lived at 243 Country Lane in Church Hill, Tennessee with her three children, Marcus, Anthony, Neisha, and her boyfriend, Robert Wayne Marler. Nadine was a single mother who worked at Cheddar's in Kingsport, Tennessee to provide for her children.

On Friday, February 1, 2002, 26-year-old Nadine dropped her children off at the home of her friend, Christie, in Kingsport. The children stayed the weekend with her friend, and on Sunday, February 3, 2002, they went to their grandmother's house. Nadine never showed up to pick up the children.

“We lived in Church Hill at the time, and that’s when she was dating Bobby Wayne Marler,” Nadine's now-adult son Anthony told the Times-News. “I’ll never forget his name. Momma said, ‘Y’all want to go to Christie’s and spend the night?’ Christie was a friend of hers and she babysat us. Me, Marcus, and Neisha went to her house on Friday and stayed two nights, and Sunday we went to Grandma’s, but she never came and got us."

On Monday, February 4, 2002, Nadine's mother, Shirley, reported her missing to the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office. Authorities discovered that Nadine never showed up for her scheduled shift at Cheddar's on February 2, 2002.

“The next day, we were still at Grandma’s and it was Monday, and she never came and got us. That was when they filed the missing report because it had been 24 hours. I remember my uncle coming up from Knoxville. They were posting her picture all over Kingsport, all over the soda machines, on the poles. We were on the news and Grandma was on TV crying. She was with him and she never came back. That’s when we knew something was wrong, because that was not like her,” Anthony told the Times-News.

The family printed, hung, and passed out flyers. They conducted interviews with the media to bring attention to Nadine's case.

Investigators also uncovered that the same day Nadine disappeared, Robert Marler drove Nadine's car to Mobile, Alabama. One week after he went to Alabama, Robert returned to his mother's house in Bloomingdale. When he arrived, police arrested him on homicide and robbery charges from Sullivan County, unrelated to the disappearance of Nadine.

When authorities questioned Robert about Nadine, he told them she left with a group of unidentified men who were from North Carolina, reports The Times-News. No one believed Robert.

On the day she disappeared, Nadine cashed a large income tax refund check. According to the Times-News, Robert wanted a portion of that check. Investigators believe Nadine refused and that Robert killed Nadine. After she vanished, the money was found where she had hidden it inside her home. Nadine has never been located.

Robert was sentenced to 22 years without parole in 2002 for the unrelated reckless homicide and aggravated robbery that occurred in Sullivan County. He is currently in the Turney Center Industrial Complex in Only, Tennessee.

After Nadine's disappearance, Shirley raised her three grandchildren.
Nadine Rochelle RogersThe Charley Project

“We were raised upright, so we weren’t the type of kids who were going to stray away. Our grandma always told us the truth and taught us right from wrong, and we chose not to let what happened to our mother ruin our lives or send us down the wrong path,” Anthony told the Times-News.

Shirley, a devoted mother, and grandmother passed away in 2010.

“If I could say anything to Robert Marler, I would tell him I don’t know why you did this or why you’re being a coward to admit what you done, but we’ve had to deal with this since we were teenagers. There’s no closure. You know what you done. Your story is nothing but a lie. If it’s up to me I would talk to the parole board not to let you out because you don’t deserve to be out. You caused my family a lot of pain and anger. I know God says we’ve got to forgive people, but it’s hard. You took somebody who was very close to me, who wasn’t there for my graduation, or my sister’s, or my brother’s, " Anthony told the Times-News.

Robert Wayne Marler is scheduled to be released in October 2023.

Nadine Rochelle Rogers is 5'8" and she weighed 110 pounds when she vanished. If you have any information, please contact the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office at 423-272-4848.

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