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Beloved Doctor Vanishes After Memphis Grizzlies Game At The Pyramid Arena In Memphis

The Vivid Faces of the Vanished
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Dr. Cherryl Lamont Pearson graduated from Jackson Central Merry High School, the University of Tennessee, and Meharry Medical College. She moved to Memphis, Tennessee in the late 1990s and Cherryl is a well-loved pediatric doctor in the area. On the evening of January 4, 2002, Cherryl attended a Grizzlies basketball game at the Pyramid Arena in Memphis. She was a season ticket holder and decided to go alone. Afterward, some friends met her at her home on Daybreak Drive in Bartlett, Tennessee. The friends left Cherryl’s around 1:00 am, the morning of January 5, 2002. Cherryl was supposed to watch her sister’s children on the 5th, but when her sister, Laurinda Hildreth, arrived to drop her children off at their aunt, Cherryl and her car were gone, NBC News reports. When her family was unable to locate or contact her, Laurinda called the Bartlett Police Department and reported Cherryl missing.

Her parents, Hazel and Leon Pearson, immediately left their home in Jackson, Tennessee, and gave authorities access to Cherryl's home. When investigators searched her house, they discovered her diabetic medication and supplies were left behind, and nothing was missing from the home. There were no signs of a break-in or foul play. Cherryl is a diabetic who is insulin-dependent and a highly respected physician. Her family knew and authorities suspected she would not abandon her home, career, or family.

The authorities checked Cherryl’s phone records and discovered a call she received at 1:58 am on January 5, 2002, from a payphone. Although the call was short, it was answered. They also realized her pager and mobile phone were left in her house. Cherryl was on call and would keep them with her at all times. Investigators found there were no surveillance videos to see who used the payphone and there were no fingerprints on the pay phone.
Dr. Cherryl PearsonPhoto byThe Charley Project

On January 7, 2002, Cherryl’s vehicle, a 2001 blue Audi, was located abandoned at the Quail Ridge apartment complex, which is about a mile from Cherryl’s home. In the car, authorities found $140, her Grizzlies game tickets, her medical bag, and two sets of car keys. The car had been wiped clean of fingerprints, even Cherryl's.

Investigators discovered Cherryl’s sister, Laurinda, was the beneficiary of Cherryl’s $150,000 life insurance policy. The police discovered her sister’s husband, Charles "Chuck" Hildreth, had a criminal record, including robbery charges. Authorities investigated if he could have been responsible, but there was no evidence linking him to Cherryl's disappearance. In 2009, Cherryl was declared legally dead.

Dr. Cherryl Pearson has never been found.

Dr. Cherryl Lamont Pearson is 5'6"-5'7" and weighed 160 pounds when she vanished. If you have any information, please contact the Bartlett Police Department at 901-385-5558 with any information.
Dr. Cherryl PearsonPhoto byThe Charley Project

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