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Louisiana Mother Vanished Without A Trace. What Happened To Keshia Sylvester?

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29-year-old Keshia Sylvester is a devoted mother who worked at the Silver Casino and lived in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

On September 22, 2017, she stopped by her daughter's father's house. Keshia dropped by to give her daughter Nya money for her upcoming prom. No one has seen or heard from Keshia since.

"Where she went from there, that's the mystery," Yvonne Thibodeaux, Keisha's aunt, told 4WWL.

Yvonne told 4WWL that Keshia would have never missed her daughter Nya's prom. When they went to Keshia's trailer, her purse and cell phone were left behind, and she had spaghetti sitting on the stove.

"It's too strange, something must have happened to her," her father, Clovis Sylvester Jr., told 4WWL.

A few days after her disappearance, Keshia's landlord moved all of her belongings out of the trailer she rented from him.

"If there was any evidence, I feel like all of that was destroyed," Yvonne told 4WWL.

Yvonne feels the Breaux Bridge Sheriff's Department does not care about the disappearance of Keshia.

"I just feel nothing was done enough. She just was just another black girl gone missing," Yvonne told 4WWL. "Days went by. Months went by. Still no Keisha."

In 2019, the property of her former employer, Randal Rodriguez, was searched by the FBI. They pumped his septic tank and took computers and clothing from his home.

“It was an all-day ordeal. They turned my house upside down, my shop, almost every building, and they just went through everything and interrogated me”, Randal Rodriguez told KLFY.

He was cleared in the investigation, and the family of Keshia Sylvester does not believe he is involved in her disappearance, reports KLFY.

“The truth will eventually come out and bring this young woman home”, Randal Rodrguez told KLFY.

Since Keshia vanished, her mother has passed. Her daughter went to prom and graduated from high school and military school without her mother. Keshia's father, Clovis Sylvester, keeps a newspaper clipping in his pocket. He does this just in case he meets someone who may know where his daughter is.

"I always look at it, it reminds me of her all the time," he told 4WWL.

"I would do anything to see that goofy laugh, and I love her, and I miss her, and I wish she would be able to come home," Yvonne Thibodeaux told 4WWL.

Keshia Sylvester was 5'2" and weighed 145 pounds when she vanished. If you have any information, please contact the St. Martin Parish Office at 337-394-3071.
Keshia SylvesterThe Charley Project

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