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Parents Remained Uncooperative In Whereabouts Of Missing California Twins

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Setina Princess Weddles and Ren Weddles are twins. The siblings were born on April 7, 2016, to Princess Dara Canez-Walker and Aaron Ivan Weddles. On June 21, 2016, the family was evicted from their Flint Avenue home, became homeless, and started living in their car. Aaron has a history of drug abuse, and Princess has a history of mental illness.

On January 4, 2018, the family was reported missing from Stockton, California. Five days later, authorities found the couple and several of their other children inside a white 2002 Suzuki SUV in Stockton. The family was living out of the deplorable SUV with mold, feces, garbage, drugs, and weapons found in the car. Setina and Ren were not with them. The children told authorities about being "whipped, tased and starved," court documents read.

Child Protective Services and Princess placed the children in their care, and Aaron and Princess were arrested. When questioned about Setina and Ren, they were uncooperative with authorities. The couple gave multiple accounts of what happened to the twins, including that they were kidnapped. Aaron told police the last time he saw the twins was May 13, 2016. The same evening, he was shot multiple times by an unknown person and was in critical condition after the shooting.

A cousin told authorities that in 2016, she asked about Ren, and Princess told her, "He was killed in a shootout, and Aaron put him in a blanket and put him in the freezer," the Charley Project reports. The cousin asked Princess what she said, and Princess replied, "Oh, nothing. He is in the hospital," the Charley Project reports.

In December 2017, an inmate told authorities Aaron spoke to him about Ren. The inmate said Aaron cried and told him Ren, five weeks old at the time, died the same night Aaron was shot, and Aaron buried the boy. The inmate felt he “possibly killed his own child on accident during the shooting or the child was killed," the Record reports court documents state.

Investigators discovered when the twins were born on April 7, 2016, a nurse at the University of California told Child Protective Services that Princess and Aaron were “unfit to take possession of the children," the Charley Project reports.

42-year-old Aaron Weddles and 34-year-old Princess Canez-Walker plead guilty to eight counts of child endangerment. They were sentenced to 15 years and 4 months.

Setina Princess Weddles and Ren Weddles have never been found. If you have any information, please contact the Stockton Police Department at 209-937-7911. There are no photographs or statistics available for Ren Weddles.

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