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Teen Girl Was Five Months Pregnant When She Disappeared From Her Newark, Delaware Home. Where Is Janteyl Johnson?

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Janteyl Johnson knew she wanted to go to beauty school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to train to be a hairstylist. She planned to go to business school to open and run her salon.

“She loved doing hair… she was always changing hers up,” Janteyl’s mother Kyma Johnson told Dateline. “She always did mine. And her sister’s. It was great having a personal hairstylist. She knew that’s what she wanted to do. It was her goal. But that didn’t happen. Well, we don’t think it did anyway. We just don’t know.”

In 2010, 15-year-old Janteyl was five months pregnant.

“It was a shock when we found out she was pregnant,” Kyma said. “But she continued to go to school. She kept working toward her goal.”

On February 3, 2010, her older brother drove Janteyl from their home at Autumn Park Apartments on Winterhaven Drive to the train station, where she would commute from Newark, Delaware, to her job in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From there, Janteyl would go to school, which was their daily routine. That day, Janteyl began feeling sick and called her mother, Kyma.

According to Dateline, Janteyl told Kyma she was going home early. Kyma told Dateline Janteyl planned to return to school later that day, where her brother would pick her up so the family could attend church in Philadelphia that evening.

“She told me to call and wake her up so she could be ready to go,” Kyma told Dateline. Janteyl did not answer the phone. “I figured she was asleep or went back to school,” Kyma told Dateline. “I was not alarmed at that point.”

When her older brother arrived at their Winterhaven Drive home, there was no sign of Janteyl. According to Dateline, Kyma said it was evident Janteyl had been in the home. Janteyl had made herself something to eat, taken a nap, and the door was unlocked. Her glasses, purse, and other belongings were left in the house.

“She just got this new bag - a Betty Boop bag,” Kyma told Dateline. “And it was still there. She didn’t just leave.”

Kyma and her son called her school and friends. No one had seen or heard from Janteyl.

“Now, I’m panicking,” Kyma said softly, reports Dateline. “I felt it in my gut. Something had happened.”
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At 10:00 pm the same day, Kyma called the New Castle County Police Department and reported her daughter missing. The police listed her as an endangered runaway.

“She left everything behind,” Kyma told Dateline. “It just didn’t make any sense.”

Her phone records revealed Janteyl received a phone call that afternoon that lasted a few minutes. The phone number was traced back to a burner phone, but the caller has never been positively identified, reports Dateline.

“I think someone she knew called her outside to go for a drive and talk,” Kyma told Dateline. “That’s why it looks like she left so quickly.”

According to Kyma, a few days after she vanished, her cell phone pinged near the home of relatives of the man Janteyl was allegedly pregnant by. The New Castle County Police Department was unable to confirm that information.

Janteyl Johnson would be 27-years-old this year. Her child would be 12-years-old.

“I never even got to find out if my grandchild was a girl or a boy,” Kyma told Dateline. “It’s heartbreaking.”

Janteyl Danielle Johnson was 5'2" and weighed 120 pounds when she vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the New Castle County Police Department at 302-395-8171.
Janteyl Danielle JohnsonFacebook

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