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Arkansas Teen Girl Vanished From Doctor's Office Without A Trace

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18-year-old Cleashindra Denise Hall, called Clea, lived with her parents, Willie and Laurell Hall, and siblings in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Clea was a talented student who was valedictorian of her class and aspired to become a pediatrician. She was accepted to Tennessee State University as a pre-med student and planned an internship in Boston, Massachusetts, Find Cleashindra reports.

"She was always playing with somebody's children," her mother, Laurell, told THV11.

Clea worked in the home office of Dr. Larry Amos, a physician who operated a charity that supported in-home daycare facilities. Dr. Amos ran a food program from a federal grant and Clea performed clerical work for him during the evenings and on the weekend.

On May 9, 1994, Clea had a three-hour shift and her mother, Laurell, dropped her off at the home of Dr. Amos in the 3300 block of Faucett Road for work around 5:00 pm. Clea called her mother around 8:00 pm and told Laurell she was working a little late and she would call again around 8:30 pm. That call never came. Laurell, waiting for Clea to call, fell asleep on the couch. When Willie arrived home around 12:45 am and woke her up, they realized Clea never came home. The worried parents immediately called Dr. Amos, who told them Clea left around 8:30 pm in a vehicle he thought belonged to her mother, Laurell.

"When I called him at 12:45, he picked up the phone on the first ring," Laurell told THV11. "He said she had left, but he didn't know who she left with."

Laurell and Willie waited for Clea to come home.

“I stayed up all night waiting for her,” Laurell told NBC. “But I thought she was just a teen trying to flex her independence.”

Laurell and Willie called the Pine Bluff Police Department to report their daughter missing.

"Because I'm thinking, 'All this is not normal,'" Laurell told THV11.

Authorities told the coupe they had to wait 24 hours. When they called back, the Pine Bluff Police initially treated her case as a runaway. Clea had never been in trouble, never ran away from home, and was two weeks away from her high school graduation. Willie and Laurel are adamant their daughter did not run away from home. Her parents, along with the Pine Bluff Police Department and volunteers from the community, searched for Clea. Authorities questioned Dr. Amos. He cooperated with authorities but refused to take a polygraph test, the Charley Project reports.

Then, on March 29, 2012, authorities received a break in her case. The Pine Bluff Police Department announced they had new information in the case, but never disclosed what that information was. They initiated a search of Dr. Amos's home using K-9 units and several officers.

“We were told she walked out of that house at 8:30 p.m., but we have not been able to find a shred of physical evidence,” Pine Bluff Deputy Police Chief Terry Hopson told NBC. “We can’t rule anyone out. We can’t even rule out that she left on her own… I don’t know how you just disappear.”

Investigators mishandled the search and the evidence collected. Multiple officers were reprimanded, and as a result, nothing was developed from the exploration.

"Some of the things they've done may have crippled our case," Pine Bluff Deputy Police Chief Terry Hopson told THV11, admitting they made errors in the case.

Laurell said she will never stop looking for her daughter or for answers.

"I have a fear of leaving Earth and not knowing what happened to her," Laurell told THV11. "If I stop looking or we stop looking...who's gonna help me find out what happened to my child."

Although Dr. Larry Amos is considered a person of interest in the disappearance of Clea, he has never been charged or arrested.

Cleashindra Hall is 5'8" and weighed 120 pounds when she vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the Pine Bluff Police Department at 870-543-5111 or 870-543-5112, or 501-543-5100.

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