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Family Searching For Alabama Woman Who Vanished Six Days After Her Co-Worker Disappeared

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Nanette Thomas is a 51-year-old Montgomery, Alabama resident and a loyal employee who rarely missed work. When her employer, Malone Staffing at Glovis America, contacted her family to inform them of her few days of absence, her loved family knew something was wrong. Nanette’s family immediately started calling, texting, and messaging her, according to WSFA.

"I haven't seen her. I haven't gotten any phone calls, nothing. I've been calling her and it just goes to voice mail," her son, Arkeem Thomas, told WSFA.

They went to her apartment on Eastdale Road where everything looked in order, but there were no signs of Nanette, reports The Charley Project. Her loved ones say it’s completely unlike her to be unreachable and out of contact with them. The family immediately reported her missing. Her date of missing is listed as April 8, 2016.

Nanette Thomas disappeared 6 days after her co-worker, Rickem Samuel, also disappeared. Nanette even aided in the search for Rickem, who unfortunately was later found deceased. His cause of death was undetermined and his case remains unsolved.

Her niece, Patrice Johnson, said in a WSFA interview, “Auntie Nette, we miss you dearly and if you can, can you just please come home? We are extremely worried. We're barely sleeping. We need you home. We are all concerned. Could you just please come on back? We just want to hear your voice, at least. Just let us know that you're OK."

"This is not like her to be away for this long. And it's not like her to miss work. We're just praying and asking God for her appearance," her son, Ray Thomas, told WSFA.

Nanette Thomas is 5'6" and weighed 220 pounds when she vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the Montgomery, Alabama Police Department at 334-241-2651 or 334-241-2932.

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