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Their Mother Vanished In 1974, But Authorities Refused To Take A Report Until 2013

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20-year-old Alice Fay Jefferson had two small children, 6-year-old Paula and 5-year-old Johnny, reports ABC 7. She met Lee Andrew Jefferson, a United States Army soldier, and the two were married. Between March 1973 and July 1975, the family lived on the post in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Lee was a sergeant with B Troop, 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. He was stationed at Fort Campbell between March 1973 and July 1975. Sometime between 1974 and 1975, 20-year-old Alice vanished, according to The Charley Project. Namus lists her disappearance date as July 4, 1975.

Her children remember their mother. Paula and Johnny, now adults, recall a particular day. One day, no one picked them up from school, and they walked home alone. When they reached their house, their mother's black and gold Pontiac Grand Prix was in the driveway. The children knocked on the door for a very long time. Their stepfather, Lee, eventually answered the door. The children noticed he was sweating and agitated, the Charley Project reports.

"Looked like somebody had doused him with a bucket of water he was sweating so hard. He says to me, 'I'm sorry I overslept. I was asleep.' I didn't buy it," her daughter, Paula, told ABC 7.

He told them he was in the house asleep, and their mother was gone. For the next few days, Lee refused to allow the kids into their bedroom. Instead, he made them sleep with him in the bed he shared with Alice. After a few days of this, Lee drove Paula and Johnny to the home of Alice's parents in North Little Rock, Arkansas, reports ABC 7. He never returned for his stepchildren, and Alice has never been seen again.

Her parents, Paula and Johnny's grandparents, attempted to report Alice missing. They contacted the North Little Rock Police Department, but they told them the disappearance occurred out of their jurisdiction. The family contacted the Kentucky State Police, who said the same thing. They even called the Red Cross. Authorities said Alice Jefferson vanished from an Army base, and the United States Army has jurisdiction.

Paula hired a private investigator, Monty Vickers, and even contacted the United States Army. It was 2013 before Paula convinced the authorities to open an investigation into her mother's disappearance. Almost 40 years later.

"My grandparents called the police. Ain't nothing we can do, that happened in another state. They tried the Red Cross with no help, to avail. I assisted them in calling the Kentucky police. Told them what happened. That's not in our jurisdiction. Ok. I tried the Tennessee police. Not in our jurisdiction," Paula told ABC 7. "I believe Lee Andrew Jefferson killed my mother in the bedroom and dumped her body, and he has gotten away with it."

Lee never contacted the authorities about the disappearance of his wife. In 2015, Lee Jefferson was living in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. ABC 7 reported that private investigator Monty Vickers conducted a phone interview with Lee in 2013. Lee said he contacted authorities when Alice disappeared.

"I called when it first happened, then one of the neighbors had said that she was talking to somebody in Nashville and well, okay, she just up and left and left the kids, and this is several years, my recollection might not be a hundred percent, but, I figured that she went back up to Nashville, and she'd show up because she'd done something like that before well before I met her from what her father had said to me," he said, reports ABC 7.

Paula does not believe Lee Andrew Jefferson.

Army officials said “they had exhausted all leads and were not actively investigating Jefferson’s disappearance,” KATV reports.

"That 7-year-old is still screaming. 40 years, no momma. I got to borrow everybody else's momma to help me. To guide me. It hurts. I'm angry. I'm hurt. I can't count how many times I just scream in my car with the music up loud so the kids don't hear," Paula told ABC 7.

Alice Fay Jefferson is 5'0" and weighed 110 pounds when she vanished.

If you have any information please contact the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division at 270-798-7113 or (270) 412–7881 or email or

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