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Mother Believes Woman Is Her Missing Daughter Even Though DNA Test Is Negative

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Kreneice JonesThe Charley Project

On May 10, 1992, 2-year-old LaMoine Allen & 3-year-old, Kreneice Jones traveled from Edgard, Louisiana to Woodville, Mississippi with their families. The group drove down to attend church service and dinner for Mother’s Day celebrations. The toddlers were not related, but they had a connection. Lamoine traveled with his Aunt Leola Jackson and Uncle Glenn Edwards. Kreniece traveled with her mother, Carla Russell, and her boyfriend, Tyrone Edwards. Tyrone is Glenn Edwards's uncle.

The families attended church services in Woodville, and the children played outside afterward. The children were playing in front of three homes owned by the same family.

According to the L'Observateur, Carla remembers ironing clothing in the back of the Jimmy Jackson Grocery Store. The store was located on Highway 24, just over the West Feliciana Parish line. Kreneice and Lamoine came into the store and asked her for candy. Carla told the toddlers to wait until after they ate. That was the last time Carla saw the toddlers.

LaMoine Allen & Kreneice JonesThe Charley Project

According to reports, there are various accounts of their disappearances.

The L'Observateur then reports they reconnected with Carla for an interview, and there were discrepancies in her story.


In 2021, Carlana and her daughter, Kreshanna, were interviewed by the Magnolia State Live News. Kreshanna, Kreniece's older sister, told Magnolia State Live News, “I learned after church that we would be going to Woodville with these people that I never, ever saw before,” Kreshanna said. “I did not know Leola. I did not know Glenn. I had never seen Leola and Glenn’s son before. I had never seen Lamoine. These were brand new people to us.”

Magnolia State Live News reports the families attended a gathering after church on Highway 24. The gathering was spread among a series of properties. The Jimmy Jackson Grocery Store was owned by Leola's parents and sat at the end of the road. There was a salon on one side of the store and a house that sat at the back of the store.

Kreshanna remembers a footbridge that separated some of the homes.

“When we arrived on the family’s property, it was like a ghost town. It was really eerie to me,” Kreshanna told Magnolia State Live News.

The news source reports Carla remembers changing Kreneice into pink sandals and a multi-colored onesie. Carla and the adults went to a house on the left while the children played at the house on the right. She said the adults sat in the yard eating and listening to music. She said at some time she remembers Leola and Glenn pulling up and saying Lamoine was missing.

“I jumped up and went to the house next door and asked Kreshanna where Kreneice was,” Carla told Magnolia State Live News. “She said Kreneice was with a little girl named Tasha, but the little girl never brought Kreneice to me. We all jumped up and went back to the Jimmy Jackson store.”

The adults began searching and knocking on doors. They called the police, who came out with search dogs. Authorities believe the children were taken in a vehicle in front of Jimmy Jackson Grocery Store. A witness recalled an unidentified blue compact car with a false top, chrome hubcaps, and dark tinted windows in the area when the children vanished.

Lamoine Allen & Kreneice Jones Age ProgressionThe National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Magnolia State Live News reports that in 2012, a relative told Carla Kreneice was alive. They said she was living in Texas and recently gave birth to her third child. This search led Carla to a woman named Brittany.

“When I first met her, I had chills in my body just looking at her,” Carla said. “I traveled to them and took a DNA test. Brittany hugged me, kissed me, and cried. We talked before she left.”

The results proved Brittany was NOT Kreneice, but Carla said Brittany has a scar on her jawline, just like Kreneice. She continued to visit Brittany and still buys her children gifts, reports Magnolia State Live News.

“It said it (the DNA) didn’t match, but I think Brittany is Kreneice. I really do,” she said.

Kreshanna has submitted her DNA through Ancestry.com, hoping for a match with her sister.

“I always tell people to ask your parents for a baby picture of you,” Kreshanna said to Magnolia State Live News. “My sister was going to be 4 that November. If your parents can’t give you a real birth certificate or a baby picture, something is wrong.”

Kreneice was 2'11 and weighed 33 pounds when she vanished.

LaMoine was 2'11 and weighed 35 pounds when he vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the Mississippi FBI at 601-684-2500.

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