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Mother Marries Man She Suspects In Her Daughter's Disappearance

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Toya Katrina HillThe Charley Project

8-year-old Toya Hill lived in the Lafayette Homes Housing Projects with her mother, Annette Stanley, brother, and sister in Baltimore, Maryland. Toya was a well-behaved, quiet little girl with an excellent school record at City Springs Elementary School.

According to the Charley Project, on March 24, 1982, Toya’s mother, Annette, gave the kids a snack, and permission to play outside and left the house around 6:15 pm. The kids were not allowed to walk to the store alone, but Toya told her sister her plan to sneak to the store and come right back. Toya walked to the neighborhood grocery store at the corners of Caroline and Gough Streets. Witnesses saw her talking to Annette’s ex-boyfriend and a friend of his.

Toya has never been seen again.

When Annette returned home around 7:00 pm, she reported Toya missing. Annette and almost 150 people were frantically canvassing the neighborhood searching for the third-grader, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Annette was getting married in three days. Toya was supposed to be a flower girl at her wedding. Annette felt her ex took Toya to gain her love back. Her ex and the friend he was with were questioned and the authorities cleared the two men as suspects. Annette went ahead with her wedding three days later because she thought this would make her ex give Toya back.

"I kept calling back to his house, leaving messages on his phone," she told the Baltimore Sun. "I said, 'Please give her back to me.' He returned the call a day later. He said he didn't have her."

Annette said she kept calling her ex after hearing he was with Toya at the neighborhood store. When that did not work, she divorced her new husband and renewed her relationship with her ex, the man she felt was responsible for the disappearance of her daughter. They got married, and Annette said she only got back with her ex to gain information about Toya. She would do anything to find Toya. But he never admitted to any involvement in the disappearance of Toya or provided Annette with any information to help find her daughter.

“That was the reason for the marriage — I thought maybe he would give her back to me,” Annette told the Baltimore Sun. “At the time, I would have done anything as a mother to get answers.” She added, “I will always believe she is alive, but some part of me says, ‘She’s that old, how come she hasn’t tried to find you?'”

She left him after a few months of marriage, they divorced, and he is now deceased. If he knew anything about Toya's disappearance, he carried that secret to the grave.

“I took everything, all her things she had, little drawings she did,” Annette told the Baltimore Sun. “I keep them in a box in my closet.”

Toya Hill was 4’0” and weighed 80 pounds when she vanished.

If you have any information, contact the Baltimore Police Department at 410-396-2334.

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