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No One Reported This Little Girl Missing Until 41 Years After She Vanished

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Christine James was born on March 27 or March 28, 1968. Her parents, Lizzie Mae Williams and Freddie James had a total of six children. Christine attended Wildwood Middle School in Coleman, Florida. This little girl had a chaotic and traumatic childhood. Her mother, Lizzie Mae, was rumored to be addicted to drugs.

Underground Mysteries reports Christine had two relatives who were accused of child molestation. One who died while serving time in prison for molesting his own daughter. The other was her cousin, Robert Jackson, Jr., who had continuously molested Christine.

According to the Charley Project, in May of 1979, Christine was in the family home with her mother, her mentally challenged brother, and her mentally challenged uncle. Her cousin, Robert Jackson, Jr., knocked on their front door. Christine’s mentally challenged uncle was told not to open the door. The man, not knowing any better, let Robert in any way. Christine’s mother, Lizzie Mae, reportedly stabbed Robert and pushed him out the front door with the knife still lodged in him. Robert was able to make it across the street to a neighbor’s front porch where he died.

Then, the Fort Lauderdale Newspaper printed this article on May 26, 1979, stating that an 11-year-old babysitter killed Robert:

(An 11-year-old babysitter stabbed to death a 17-year-old acquaintance who forced his way into a mobile home and beat and kicked the young girl during an argument, deputies said yesterday. The boy, Robert Jackson, died in a hospital emergency room from a stab wound in the back that penetrated his heart, doctors said. “The only crime “committed was committed by the deceased,” said Sheriff’s Lt. Jim Roops. “Jackson battered this little girl. She was in fear of her life.” Roops said Christine James “was babysitting with her 5-year-old brother at her aunt’s mobile home Wednesday when Jackson forced his way in. He insisted on turning on the television set, which the girl’s aunt had told her not to use, Roops said. An argument and fight erupted, he said, during which Jackson beat and kicked the girl. “She grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the back once,” Roops said. Witnesses said they saw Jackson run from the mobile home with a knife in his back yelling, “Christie stabbed me.”)

Christine was the only 11-year-old in the house at the time.

Sometime after Robert’s murder, Christine was indicted for murder and sent to a Florida detention center. Some people speculate that Christine took the blame for Robert’s death so her mother could avoid prison. No one is sure of the dates Christine was placed in the detention center or the date she was released from the center. It was either 1979 or 1980. Time has affected memory, records have been lost and some family members are now deceased.

Christine’s best friend stated that one day, during their sixth-grade year at school, Christine had told her that she was pregnant with twins and planned to run away. The friend tried to convince Christine to tell her mother but said Christine was afraid of the reaction Lizzie Mae might have.

According to Christine’s sister, Maggie, Christine vanished a day or two after she was released from the detention center. Maggie said Christine rode the school bus to school that morning. She remembers Christine coming home from school and changing her clothes. She said that Christine told her she was going out and that she would return. This was on the same day Christine had confided in her friend at school. Christine has never been seen or heard from again.

No one reported Christine missing.

Maggie would ask their mother if she was worried about Christine and Lizzie Mae would say that she wasn’t worried and Christine “should be fine”. Their mother, Lizzie Mae, passed away in 1990 or 1991. Her father also passed away and one of Christine’s sisters is deceased as well.

Maggie wants answers about her sister’s disappearance. She has stated she will never give up looking for her sister and has never stopped caring for or thinking of Christine. Her sister, Maggie, contacted me and is very grateful for her sister's story being told and shared. She wants answers. Maggie is a persistent sister who loves Christine, is a voice for her, and is fighting for her. She officially reported Christine missing in 2021 and Christine James is now listed on Namus as a missing person.

Christine James was 5"6"-5'7" and weighed 120-140 pounds when she vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the Sumter County Sheriff's - Bushnell Office at 250 East McCullom Avenue, Bushnell, Florida 33513 with any information.


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