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A Colorado Man Vanished With His Boss And His Boss's 9-Year-Old Daughter

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Lorenzo ChiversThe Charley Project

Lorenzo Chivers is the father of two children, Josh and Aubrie. Although Lorenzo and his wife, Misha, were separated, the pair remained close. People close to Lorenzo describe him as a nice, mellow man who never met a stranger, reports Westword News. He was very close to his children and co-parented well with Misha.

36-year-old Lorenzo lived with a woman named Bobbi Jo. Bobbi Jo had a sister, Teresa Donovan, and Teresa had a boyfriend named Paul Skiba. Lorenzo was employed by Paul Skiba, who owned Tuff Movers in Westminster, Colorado.

38-year-old Paul lived in Thornton, Colorado, with his girlfriend, Teresa. Teresa and Paul had a baby boy, and Paul had a 9-year-old daughter, Sarah, from a previous relationship. Paul and her mother, Michelle Russell, divorced several years prior. According to Westword News, Paul was unsure of the paternity of his newborn son with Teresa. He told his mother, Sharon Skiba, he was going to break up with Teresa, have his attorney file paternity paperwork, and seek full custody of his son if the test said Paul was the father, Westword News reports.

On the weekend of February 7, 1999, Sarah stayed with her dad, as she did every weekend. Sarah went to work with Paul at Tuff's Moving at 7010 Raleigh Street. Lorenzo met the pair around 8:30 am. The trio traveled to Thornton for a moving job around 10:30 am. They stopped in Lakewood around 12:50 pm and had lunch. The three then went to a moving job in Morrison, another in the Golden area, and then returned to Tuff's Moving at 6:15 pm. Sarah made a phone call at 6:22 pm. No one has seen or heard from the three of them since.

Teresa called Sharon, told Sharon the trio was missing, and the police were not taking her seriously, reports Westword News. Sharon called them herself.

"This is my first phone call, and there's something drastically wrong," Sharon told the detective, reports Westword News. "My son was supposed to call me on Sunday."

Michelle called authorities to report Sarah missing. Josh, Lorenzo's son, called his mother, Misha, to report that his dad never showed up the night prior. Misha spoke with Bobbi Jo.

"I know he's not coming home,” Bobbi Jo told Misha, Westword News reports. "I know something horrible has happened to him."

When authorities checked the lot at Tuff Movers, they found a new lock on the gate, a completely clean moving truck, and a second truck belonging to Paul riddled with bullet holes. There was blood smeared on the door, and a piece of scalp was inside the truck, near the windshield.

On February 17, 1999, a co-worker, Jerry Bybee, found Lorenzo's vehicle abandoned at an apartment complex at 3809 68th Avenue in Westminster. On February 27, 1999, Paul's vehicle was found in a parking lot at 3219 Arkansas Avenue in Denver, Colorado. Both vehicles were wiped clean of fingerprints.
Paul Skiba TruckThe Charley Project

Investigators eventually used DNA testing to determine the blood found in the large truck at Tuff Movers belonged to Paul and Sarah. The truck was missing a 3 by 10-foot loading ramp, blankets, and straps. They believe the three were murdered at the truck yard or a second location, and their bodies disposed of, possibly in water. Authorities believe Paul was the intended target, and his daughter, Sarah, and employee, Lorenzo, were "in the wrong place at the wrong time," the Charley Project reports. Authorities searched several lakes in the area, but Lorenzo, Paul, and Sarah have never been found. No suspects have been named in their disappearances, and no arrests have ever been made in this case.

Lorenzo Chivers is 5'10 and weighed 160 pounds when he vanished.

Paul Skiba is 6'1" and weighed 170 pounds when he vanished.

Sarah Skiba is 4'5" and weighed 80 pounds when she vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the Westminster Police Department at 303-430-2400.

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