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A Dream Told A Missing Woman's Mother Where To Find Her Belongings

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30-year-old Jessica Gray and Willie Larkin lived in the same Benton Harbor, Michigan neighborhood. On December 1, 2019, Jessica visited 48-year-old Willie at his home at 308 1/2 Crystal Avenue. Later that day, one of Willie's relatives stopped by for a visit. When they arrived, the front door was unlocked and open. The relative found blood in the doorway, spent shell casings on the floor, and no one could locate Willie. His relative called the Benton Charter Township Police Department.

The authorities thought Willie may have met with foul play. They made a public plea for any information on his location. When Jessica Gray's family heard about the missing person report on Willie, they contacted the authorities. The family informed investigators that Jessica was at Willie's house and she was missing, as well. Authorities launched a nationwide search for Jessica and Willie. They searched the city of Benton Harbor with drones and cadaver dogs.

Eight days after Jessica vanished, Willie was arrested in Columbus, Ohio. Authorities picked him up for a parole violation. He remains uncooperative in the disappearance of Jessica. Although authorities named him a person of interest in her case, he has never been named a suspect.

Jessica's mother, Carolina Gray, began having dreams about her daughter. She said the dreams told her to go back to the former Martindale School on Laurel Avenue, ABC 57 reports.

“Telling me get up, go check the spot,” Carolina told ABC 57. “Sometimes I’ll be like, I’ve checked this spot a hundred times, but it just keeps telling me.”

Carolina returned to the former school. At the back of the building, she found items she believes belong to her daughter, Jessica.

“Blue pants with green on them that I remember her wearing, a scarf with a lot of polka dots on it,” Carolina told ABC 57. “I had Benton Township police come out and one of the pillows we found, he took the case off, and there was a blood stain.”

Jessica's siblings miss their sister, who they describe as very caring and loving, WSBT reports.

“It hurts me every day knowing that I ain’t seen her in over a year," Jessica's brother, Darius Gray, told WSBT.

"I miss her energy, just brings the type of energy around that’s just unbelievable," another brother, Dwayne Pryor, told WSBT.

Jessica Gray has never been found. The Benton Harbor Police Department has not publicly disclosed if the blood found in Willie's home was a DNA match to Jessica.

Jessica Gray is 5'3" and weighed 200 pounds when she vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the Benton Harbor Police Department at 269-926-8221.

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