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A Mother Was Forced To Watch As Her Son Is Abducted From A North Carolina Parking Lot

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Charleston Goodman is a father and son living in Durham, North Carolina. On January 28, 2018, Charleston told his mother, Tammie Goodman, goodbye before he left their home on East Woodcroft Parkway to run errands in Durham.

“He kissed me on my forehead like he always does and said, ‘Mama, I love you, I’ll be back,’ I said, ‘I love you, too, baby, be safe,'” Tammie Goodman told WAVY.

A few seconds later, she heard Charleston screaming for help. The frightened mother looked out the window and saw her son struggling with a group of men. The panicked mother ran outside. Witnesses saw several men force 26-year-old Charleston into a silver Honda Odyssey minivan.

"I saw my son being shoved into the van," Tammie Goodman told WRAL. "He was fighting with everything he had. He was saying, 'Who are you, what do you want with me?’ and then when he realized I was out there he started saying, 'Mama, go back in the house, lock the door, lock the door.'"

Tammie watched as her son was abducted from the parking lot of their home off East Woodcroft Parkway.

“Lord, have mercy. That’s all I could think,” Tammie told WAVY. “I just started saying, ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.’”

According to an FBI informant, Charleston was allegedly caught on surveillance video stealing "bricks" of cocaine from a local drug dealer, WRAL reports. Charleston sold the drugs for cash. The dealer hired a "crew" to kidnap Charleston. According to a second informant, Charleston was "fed to hogs," WRAL reports.

The informants were unable to provide the location of Charleston and he has never been found.

"I miss my baby so much. I just want him home," Tammie, tears flowing, told ABC11 "I believe in my gut, in my heart that he is somewhere being held. I don't think he's dead."

Charleston Goodman is 5'11" and weighed 140 pounds when he vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the Durham Police Department at 919-560-4600.

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