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She Dropped Her Husband Off At Work And Then She Disappeared

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44-year-old Wendy Marie Dehoop and her husband, Dan, lived in the town of Cottage Grove, Oregon. Wendy, who worked at the Georgia-Pacific Mill in Halsey, Oregon, was allegedly dating her boss, a man named David Tishim, Justice for Native People reports.

Each day, Wendy and her husband commuted to work together. Wendy would drop him off at his job at the Home Depot in Eugene, Oregon, and then head about 30 miles away to Halsey to her job. The morning of April 22, 2005, was like any other day. Wendy, who was wearing a pinstriped suit, dropped her husband off at his job around 7:00 am and then drove to her place of employment, the Georgia-Pacific Mill.

Wendy never arrived at the mill. She has never been seen again or heard from again. Her boss and boyfriend, David Tishim, is the one who reported Wendy missing, Justice for Native People reports.

On April 28, 2005, a man walked into a local Bi-Mart in Eugene, Oregon, and turned in a purse. The man said he found the purse while he was out walking his dog, reports the Charley Project. The purse belonged to Wendy Dehoop. Her wallet was missing.

On May 2, 2005, the same man who turned her purse into the Bi-mart store showed authorities where Wendy’s vehicle was located. The white, two-door, 1990 Toyota Corolla SR5 with Oregon license plate YCH635 had been abandoned just east of Filmore Street on Loraine Highway in the southern area of Eugene, Oregon. There was no sign of Wendy.

Wendy Marie Dehoop is one of three women who vanished from this same area within 30 days. The first was Helen Ordeman-Pratt, who vanished from her home in Goshen on March 21, 2005. Rebecca Lynn Hess vanished from her Creswell apartment on April 14, 2005, and Wendy Marie Dehoop disappeared after she dropped her husband off at work on April 22, 2005. Helen Ordeman-Pratt was found on September 6, 2005, in a detached garage of her home. She died of a suspected suicide, her husband told The Register-Guard. The circumstances surrounding the discovery of Rebecca Lynn Hess are unclear, but she is no longer listed as missing. Wendy Marie Dehoop is the only one out of the three women who have never been found.

Wendy Marie Dehoop is 5'6" and weighed 155 pounds when she vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the Lane County Sheriff's Office at 541-682-4312.

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