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Missing Texas Man Provided Tip On Friend Who Vanished A Few Months Before Him

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Christopher FloresCenter For The Missing

53-year-old Christopher Flores worked as a valve technician for Relevant Solutions on Sam Houston Parkway in Houston, Texas. On Saturday, August 21, 2021, Fox 26 reports Christopher told some friends he was going to meet up with someone. On Monday, August 23, 2021, his mother, Gloria Flores, received a phone call from Christopher's apartment complex. She told Fox 26 that Christopher failed to answer any calls from the apartment office, and his truck, a green 1995 Chevrolet c15 pick-up with license plate MXH7933, was not in the complex.

"They needed to get in touch with Christopher because his apartment had caught on fire," Gloria told Fox 26. "Everybody knows his truck. He loved cars. Ever since he was a little boy."

Gloria went to his job on Sam Houston Parkway. There, she discovered that Christopher had failed to come to work the previous day.

"That's very unusual for Christopher," Gloria told Fox 26. "Even if he's just five minutes late, he'll text or call."

Gloria reported her son missing.

Gloria is a woman who has experienced loss before. When Christopher was less than one year old, her husband died. Her eldest son committed suicide when he was 18 years old. Christopher's son, her grandson, died in a car accident, leaving Gloria to help raise her great-granddaughter.

"She doesn't know about Grandpa yet," Gloria told Fox 26. "She knows about daddy. She knows her daddy died a few years ago. The baby knows about death. She knows about loss."

Shortly after reporting Christopher missing, Gloria received a tip from a woman. The woman told her that she had a relative who knew what happened to Christopher.

"The relative had said there was harm done to him," Gloria told Fox 26.

The unnamed person has not been listed as a suspect by authorities. We will call this person "X". X is someone that Christopher befriended, his mother Gloria told Fox 26.

In April 2021, Emmanuel Perez vanished from Houston. Emmanuel Perez is a relative of X. Several months after Emmanuel vanished, Christopher dropped X off at Emmanuel's home. The following day, Emmanuel's place caught on fire. Gloria told Fox 26, that her son text her about the incident in "shock". Christopher vanished two weeks later. Gloria believes X is the unknown person Christopher told his friends he was going to meet.

"After he mentioned that, he went missing two weeks later," Gloria told Fox 26.

According to Fox 26, the family of Emmanuel Perez said, "Christopher had given them a tip prior to his disappearance, encouraging them to search the Houston bayous for Emmanuel's body."

Gloria told Fox 26 she received another tip from the family of Emmanuel Perez. Gloria said she was informed that X said, "I got 'em. I did him good. He's in storage right now." X was known to have several storage units at the Aztec Storage Facility on West 34th Street. Gloria, her family, and Christopher's friends swarmed the storage facility. They were advised that because they did not rent/own the storage units, they were unable to enter. Then, the storage facility caught on fire.

Two missing men and three fires.

"I'm not doing well," Gloria Flores, told Fox 26. "It's very hard not knowing what's happened to your son."

Christopher and his green 1995 Chevrolet c15 pick-up with license plate MXH7933 are still missing. No arrests have been made, and no suspects have been named in the disappearance of Christopher Flores.

Christopher Flores TruckTexas EquuSearch

Christopher was last seen wearing blue jeans, tan work boots, and a navy blue short-sleeved, button-down shirt with the words "Relevant Solutions" printed on the front. Christopher has a chickenpox scar on the side of his left eye. He has tattooed sleeves on both arms, and tattoos on his back. Christopher is 5'6" and weighed 150 pounds when he vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the Houston Police Department at (832) 394-1840 or Texas EquuSearch at (281) 309-9500.

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