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A 27-Year-Old Indiana Mother and Her 5-Month Old Son Missing After A Day At The Park.

The Vivid Faces of the Vanished
Alexis and Messiah MoralesBlack and Missing But Not Forgotten

27-year-old Alexis Morales lives in New Paris, Indiana, with her 5-month-old son Messiah. On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, Alexis Morales and her son Messiah left Kelly Park in South Bend, Indiana, around 7:00 pm, after hanging out with friends. Alexis drove off in her silver 2006 BMW X5 with the license plate "MULA LUV."

Alexis and Messiah have not been seen or heard from since.

"We was having a good time," Raven McKinstry, a friend of Alexis, told WSBT. "We made plans for Easter, we made plans for another friend's birthday like we booked tickets."

Thadius Lofton is the father of Messiah. Thadius has not slept or eaten since he discovered that Messiah was missing. Thadius is now temporarily living out of his vehicle. By doing so, he can search for Alexis and Messiah constantly.

"I searched the highway three, four times," Thadius told WSBT. "I drove from New Paris all the way to Gary, Indiana. Searching up and down the highways, I've been passing out flyers from Gary, Indiana all the way to New Paris. I've just been going outrageous with it because I feel like, man I want my son."

According to WSBT, authorities said they are unable to issue a silver alert for Alexis unless she has a medical condition. An amber alert is unable to be released for Messiah because he is in the care of his mother.

"I know right now he's wondering where I am and I know that he wants his grandma," Thadius told WSBT

Family, friends, and volunteers have joined in the search for Alexis and Messiah.

“We shut down the factory and we had everybody come up that was able to. This is a great family. These are good folks and you know it’s times like this we need to come together and do whatever we can to bring this young woman and that baby home," Tom Ducheteau, Alexis' family employer and owner of Adventure Engineering, told ABC 57.

Unfortunately, there has been no sign of the mother and son and no evidence located in their disappearance.

“If anyone might be holding her against her will. I just want everyone to come together and pray that she will be released," Sandra Piggie, Alexis' mother, told ABC 57.

Alexis Morales was last seen wearing a black shirt, black Ugg brand shoes, black leggings with flowers, and a black Nike brand jacket. Messiah was last seen wearing a baby blue jacket with matching sweatpants, a blue sweater, and grey and yellow socks. He had a Mickey Mouse blanket in his car seat.

If you have any information about the location of Alexis and Messiah Morales, please contact the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office at 574-533-4151.

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