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The Suspect In A Brutal Thanksgiving Day Murder Of Florida Couple Remains Unidentified

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Angelita Gauntlett and Courtney LindsayCrime Door

It was Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 1989.

35-year-old Angelita Gauntlett and her 32-year-old boyfriend Courtney Lindsay attended a holiday party in the 2700 block of Sutton Road in Miramar, Florida. The Miramar Department of Police released a home video of the party. In the video, everyone appears to be having fun, laughing, and smiling. The camera pans to a man sitting in a chair, who faces the camera and puts his middle finger up. Authorities know the man only as "Bull", reports the Miramar Police Department.

Angelita and Courtney decided to leave the party and go home. Their friend, Cecilia Best, rode with the couple, reports WSVN. "Bull" left the party and followed the trio. When the group pulled up in front of Angelita's home in the 3000 block of Tara Road, "Bull" opened fire on their vehicle. Cecilia, who was in the back seat, watched "Bull" walk up to the car and start shooting.

"The guy kept shooting and shooting. Courtney must have tried to start shooting back. He was like, 'I'm shot, I'm shot, I'm dead.' I heard him say that," Cecilia Best said reports WSVN.

"Bull" fired until he ran out of bullets. Angelita and Courtney lay dead on the front seat.

Angelita's daughter, Terri Gauntlett, was inside their home when she heard the gunshots.

"They took me out the house, and they had like a sheet or a towel over my head, and I saw her car, and the door was open, and I knew something happened," Terri said, reports WSVN.

Authorities launched an investigation. They were unable to find a motive behind the brutal execution of Angelita and Courtney. They discovered Courtney was a former police officer in Jamaica. "Bull" was a known drug dealer and investigators speculated there may have been "bad blood" between the two, reports WSVN. Authorities have never been able to identify "Bull" and continue to search for his real name.

"He was from Jamaica and that he was involved in narcotics trafficking," Detective Joe Tomlin said reports WSVN. "It's possible he's still around on our streets. We don't know, but it's also possible that he's deceased or in prison or, you know, anything else. But anything is possible."

"Bull" is described as Jamaican, 5'9" inches to 5'10" inches tall, 170 to 180 pounds, and of medium build and complexion.

If you have any information please contact the Miramar Police Department at 954-602-4000, Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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