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Children Looking For North Philadelphia Mother Find Her Roommate Deceased, Mom Missing

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59-year-old Kim Darlene Ezell is missing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her family is asking for help from the public on information about Darlene's disappearance.

On January 4, 2022, around 9:30 am, Darlene spoke with her daughter, Jameelah Ezell, on the telephone. On the following day, Darlene's children went to her house in the 1700 block of West Allegheny Avenue in North Philadelphia. Their mother had failed to answer her phone or return calls. According to 6 ABC, Jameelah broke into her mother's house. Instead of finding their mother at home, her children made a horrific discovery.

"We went in the back room we saw the guy with no clothes on, he was shot in a storage room in the back of the kitchen, he had been shot inside there," Jameelah Ezell told Fox 29.

Authorities identified the deceased, naked man as an elderly man she took care of, Darlene's 78-year-old roommate. Darlene's family immediately started searching for her. They posted flyers and started asking questions.

According to Fox 29, they saw the flyers Darlene's family posted and contacted her daughter, Jameelah. Jameelah told the news outlet she had not received any call, information, or assistance from the Philadelphia Police Department. According to Fox 29, they contacted the police department about the disappearance of Darlene.

The Philadelphia Police then announced that they had arrested and charged 30-year-old Walter Heard Jr. with murder, aggravated assault, and robbery of the 78-year-old man found in Darlene's house. According to Fox 29, Walter Heard is the son of the owner of the house where Darlene lives.

The following was posted on Websleuths dated January 21, 2022, from "JaePhilly":

"Walter Heard Jr. is my cousin. I am in complete shock that he is being accused of murder! I am praying for the family of the victim, and praying that Darlene’s whereabouts will be made known to her loved ones. Any information that anyone has will be greatly appreciated. Thank you."

"It's hard waking up every day and not knowing," Darlene's son, Jamar Ezell, told 6 ABC. "I miss her a lot."

Darlene's family continues to post her flyers, ask questions and search for her.

"We are out here every day a lot of people are out here looking for her a lot," her daughter Jameelah told Fox 29.

Detectives stated they have no idea what happened to Darlene or where she is, reports Fox 29.

"How could somebody just vanish like that without a trace?" Jameelah Ezell told 6 ABC.

We want to help bring awareness to the disappearance of Kim Darlene Ezell.

Kim Darlene Ezell is 5'9".

If you have any information, please contact the Philadelphia Police Department at 215-686-TIPS (8477).

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