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Father Said Missing One-Year Old Daughter Kidnapped From Truck. Then He Committed Suicide. Where Is Daphne Webb?

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1-year-old Daphne Webb lived in the 800 block of Greenridge Drive off Keller Avenue with her father, John Anthony Webb, and her grandmother in Oakland, California. Daphne's 87-year-old grandmother suffered from dementia. John had custody of Daphne while his wife and her mother, Kiana Davis-Webb, lived in a rehabilitation home in Oakland.

According to The Mercury News, on July 10, 2013, John, Daphne, and her grandmother were at Gazzali's Supermarket in the 1400 block of 79th Avenue and International Boulevard in Oakland. At 11:05 am, John called 911. He told the dispatchers his daughter Daphne had been kidnapped from the back seat of his 2002 black Ford Expedition SUV. He told authorities he went into the store and left his mother and Daphne in the truck. When he came out of the store and returned to his truck, Daphne was gone.

He said she was sitting in the rear right passenger seat of the truck, and someone took her from there.

Witnesses told authorities they saw an African-American or Hispanic woman in her thirties, with long straight black hair walking away from the area, carrying a little girl who matched Daphne's description. None of the witnesses saw the woman take Daphne from the vehicle.

Investigators searched the Oakland area but were unable to locate the woman or Daphne.

Later the same day, police arrested John and charged him with child endangerment. The district attorney refused to file charges against him, and he was released two days later.

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In January 2014, Kiana gave birth to a baby girl. She remained in the treatment program, but her husband John is also the father of their new daughter.

In May 2014, John Webb killed himself in the house he shared with his mother and daughter on Greenridge Drive. He was found by his adult daughter around 8:00 pm. 50-year-old John had taken an overdose of prescription medication. He did not leave behind a note or indicate why he committed suicide.

“He was the last person who was with her so obviously he would know of her whereabouts,” Daphne's great-aunt, Roslyn Robinson told The Mercury News. “At this point, we have closure on him but not on her.”

Kiana and John were still married at the time of his death.

“She is doing as well as she can be considering the turn of events. Now she has to deal with the loss of her husband and her missing child,” Roslyn told The Mercury News. “She wants to grieve in her own private way.”

Although he was always considered a person of interest in the disappearance of Daphne, prosecutors said there was a lack of evidence to prove his guilt.

“We believe there are events that will help us come to some conclusion,” Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley told NBC Bay Area. “I don’t believe (Webb’s) death put an end to the case. I believe his death is a factor, but (the investigation) didn’t stop with his death.”

Daphne Viola Webb has never been found.

There is currently a $20,000 reward for information in her case.

Daphne Viola Webb was 2'0" and weighed 30 pounds when she vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the Oakland Police Department at 510-777-3333.

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