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Daniel McCoy Moses, A.K.A The Barbecue Man, Vanished When His House Burned Down

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Daniel McCoy Moses lived at 1905 Duke Service Road in Rich Square, North Carolina. Daniel was one of eleven siblings from a close-knit family. He was a retired truck driver who enjoyed hunting, fishing, and cooking. Daniel was also an accomplished martial artist. According to his sister, Sheila P. Moses, Daniel worked hard to buy his home. Previously, the house was owned by his grandfather.

Daniel, described by his sister as a simple man, became a neighborhood celebrity after he hurt his back. He began selling barbecue to his neighbors and friends and gained the nickname "The Barbecue Man."

According to the FBI, On June 13, 2011, Daniel spoke with his brother.

On June 16, 2011, Daniel's home on Duke Service Road caught fire. Both of his vehicles and motorcycles were at the house, and the doors were locked, reports the Roanoake Chowan News-Herald. Investigators were unable to locate 59-year-old Daniel, his body, or any blood inside his home.

His family reported him missing on June 17, 2011.

Authorities told his family a faulty air conditioning wire was to blame for the fire.

“Whoever took Daniel knew him,” Sheila told the Roanoke Chowan News-Herald. “That person knew that our mother was out of town that particular day and was not at home to see or hear something. Plus, our other brother that lives nearby was in another area farming that day. Whoever did this knew Daniel was all alone on that day."

According to NewsOne, his family thinks he fore was set as some sort of cover-up. Sheila P. Moses believes someone harmed her brother Daniel.

“What we know for sure is that he did not leave on his own. He’s not missing, he was taken. My brother would not leave us. If he’s alive someone is holding him, but I believe someone killed my brother and they had enough time to cover their tracks. Daniel Moses did not leave,” Shelia P. Moses told NewsOne.

According to authorities, Daniel's cell phone pinged in Virginia a few days after he disappeared.

His sister Sheila is frustrated at the lack of involvement from the FBI in Daniel's case.

“My question remains the same: where’s Daniel and where’s the FBI? Not just for Daniel but for all the other missing people in Northampton,” Sheila told the Roanoke Chowan News-Herald.

Sheila also referred to Shawn Alston, a man who is missing from the same area as Daniel. Shawn Alston was last seen on October 18, 2012. His mother, who died in 2016, believed he was robbed and killed after a night out drinking, reports the Charley Project.

“The federal government needs to step in,” Sheila told the Roanoke Chowan News-Herald. “Who is snatching these black men? The FBI needs to determine if these cases are related.”

“Whoever did this, they picked the wrong family. We’ll keep looking…after this generation is dead and gone, the next generation will pick up the search if it takes that long,” Sheila told the Roanoke Chowan News-Herald. “As for me, I’m not lying down, there’s no give-up in me. I have a cause, I have a fight because somebody came onto my granddaddy’s land and took my mother’s child and then burned my granddaddy’s house.”

Daniel has never been located.

Daniel McCoy Moses was 6'3" and weighed 200-220 pounds when he vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the Northhampton County Sheriff's Office at 252-532-2611.

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