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Crewmembers Say Missing TV Producer Took Off Running Into Idaho Forest And Vanished

The Vivid Faces of the Vanished
Terrence Shemel Woods Jr.The Charley Project

27-year-old Terrence Chemel Woods Jr. grew up in Capitol Heights, Maryland, and graduated from the University of Maryland in 2013. He lived in London, England for several years and returned to the United States in 2018. He worked on the hit television show The Voice UK at one point, and Terrence traveled the world to work on television shows and documentaries, reports Deadline.

In October 2018, the Prince George's County, Maryland resident was working as a television producer filming a documentary on abandoned gold mines for the Discovery Channel television show "Gold Rush", reports Fox News. Filming was taking place near the ghost town of Orogrande in Idaho County, Idaho, for a British production company called Raw TV. Terrance was part of a twelve-member crew.

According to Deadline, Terrence texted his parents, Valerie and Terrence Woods Sr., and told them he would be home on October 10, 2018, because he was cutting his trip short.

"At 8:34 my son texted me back, 'Dad I'm coming home on Wednesday the 10th.' Between that little time, something went wrong. Then the next call I get is from the company saying my son disappeared. Can't find a trace of him," Terrence Sr. told Fox 5.

A few days later, on October 5, 2018, the production crew noticed Terrence was acting strange. The crew said at some point, Terrence dropped his two-way radio and took off running into the woods in Pinmine Mine, reports Deadline. The crewmembers searched for him and thought he might have fallen off a nearby cliff. When they looked over the cliff, they saw Terrence at the bottom, still running. The crew reported him missing that day.

Terrence has never been seen or heard from again.
Terrence Shemel Woods Jr.The Charley Project

“Now you say you ran over there and my son was already 15 feet down running like a hare, I said what do you mean and he said your son is so fast, I was told to go down after him, they told me to get a car and meet him at the road, so I kept running after him and he disappeared into the woods and he stopped yelling and didn’t want to scare him anymore,” his father, Terrance Sr., told the Idaho News.

According to Fox News, Valerie and Terrence Sr. feel something went wrong with the production crew or a member.

“My son saw something, heard something he shouldn't have seen or heard, and didn't like it. My son is not in the woods. Someone picked my son up,” Terrence Sr. told Fox 5 “What for? What's going on? That's what I need to know. My son is not in the woods."

Authorities brought in ATVs, search dogs, helicopters with infrared technology, and searched on foot. There was no sign of Terrence. Authorities called the search off after a week of trying to locate Terrence in freezing weather.

Raw TV flew Valerie and Terrence Sr. to Idaho to search for their son and distributed flyers throughout the area. According to them, that is the only assistance the company has provided and Terrence Sr. believes foul play is involved in his son's disappearance, reports Fox News.

Raw TV released the following statement:

"We can confirm that Terrence Woods, a member of one of our production teams, went missing on Friday, October 5th in Orogrande, Nez Perce National Forrest, Idaho. The Idaho County Sheriff's Office was immediately informed, and they implemented a Search and Rescue operation. Mr. Woods is a well-liked, valued member of the production team and we have been working closely with the Sheriff's Office which has been leading the search. Mr. Woods' family are in direct contact with the Sheriff's Office. All inquiries regarding the status of the search should be directed to the Idaho County Sheriff's Office."

Terrence has never been found.

Terrence Shemel Woods Jr. was 5'9" and weighed 150 pounds when he vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the Idaho County Sheriff's Office at 208-983-1100.

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