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New York City Arrested An Innocent Mother In The Disappearance Of Her Son: The Story Of Patrick Alford

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Patrick Kennedy Alford Jr.The Charley Project

On December 26, 2009, Jennifer Rodriquez lost custody of her three children after she was arrested on theft charges and admission of drug use, reports the NY Daily News.

Her son, 7-year old Patrick Alford, who has ADHD, was placed in foster care. Patrick went to live with Librada Moran at 130 Vandalia Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. According to the Charley Project, on January 22, 2010, Librada and Patrick took the trash out around 9 pm. She said Patrick vanished from the hallway of the Spring Creek Tower apartment

.Authorities launched a search for Patrick.

Authorities said his scent was traced to the intersection of Pennsylvania and Shroeder Avenues by K-9 units. The dogs lost his scent there, reports News 12 New Jersey.
Patrick Kennedy Alford Jr.The Charley Project

"We searched every building, every waterway. Aviation was used to do roof searches," NYPD missing persons Detective Leiddy Zubber told News 12 New Jersey. "There were thousands of interviews done."

When he disappeared, records show Patrick demonstrated some emotional problems, and he was scheduled for a psychiatric evaluation.

He vanished before the appointment occurred.

According to the Charley Project, Librada said Patrick told her he planned to run away to be with his mother, Jennifer Rodriquez. One week after his disappearance, a Family Court judge ordered Jennifer Rodriquez to produce her son in court. When she showed up and advised she had no idea where Patrick was, the judge had Jennifer re-incarcerated, believing she was involved in his disappearance. She was released several days later after passing a polygraph. Children Services concluded she had nothing to do with his disappearance.

Family members have been investigated in several states, even accusing each other of hiding Patrick but he has never been located.

Nine months after his disappearance, Jennifer Rodriquez sued the city, Librada Moran, St. Vincent's foster care agency, and anyone else she felt was negligent in Patrick's care in Federal Court in Brooklyn.

She felt Children’s Services took her child from her custody with insufficient cause and were negligent in placing him with Librada Moran instead of with his birth father, reports the Charley Project. Librada Moran spoke Spanish with no English, and Patrick spoke English with no Spanish.

Jennifer Rodriquez won a $6 million settlement in August 2018.

The money is used to fund the search for Patrick and will be used for his care if he is located alive.

"We just got to keep on trying. I'm never gonna give up until the day I die," Jennifer said, reports News 12 New Jersey.

"Right now, it's still an active investigation. We're still looking for Patrick and we're looking for help from the public," NYPD missing persons Detective Leiddy Zubber told News 12 New Jersey. "Every little detail can possibly help us. Now that we have more technology, more social media, we want you to share this story."

Patrick Alford was 4'8" and weighed 65 pounds when he vanished.

There is currently a $13,000 from Crime Stoppers and a $250,000 reward being offered for his safe return.

Please contact New York Police Department with any information at 718-827-3551.
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