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They Found Her Children Home Alone. What Happened To Ebony Giddens?

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Ebony Monique GiddensThe Charley Project

27-year old Ebony Giddens lived with her three sons, ages 9,5, and 2, on Montclair Drive in Columbus, Georgia.

Ebony, who did not drink or smoke, had a close relationship with her family.

At around 11:00 pm on March 11, 2018, a relative and Ebony chatted by phone. Their conversation was normal and Ebony did not seem in distress, reports the Charley Project.

The next day, March 28, 2018, at 7:30 am, Ebony’s brother arrived at her apartment.

He came every morning to take the boys to school. When Ebony failed to answer, he called and texted his sister with no response, reports Dateline.

He then called the boy’s father, Roderick Daniel, who immediately came to Ebony’s apartment.

“[Ebony’s] brother always went to pick up the kids every morning to take them to school,” Roderick Daniel told Dateline. “When her brother got there, he always rang the bell and knocked on the door and Ebony would come answer the door.”

Roderick said he spoke with Ebony the day before.

Roderick and Ebony’s brother continued to knock until her 5-year old son finally answered the door. The little boy told them his mom was gone.

“Finally, my own son came to the door,” Roderick told Dateline. “He just said that Mom was gone.”

The two men searched Ebony’s apartment and found her purse, wallet, and keys, but Ebony and her cellphone were missing.

The two called Ebony’s mother, Lisa Giddens.

Lisa then called her Ebony's boyfriend, Malcolm Jackson.

“I didn’t know where she was, so I called her boyfriend [Malcolm Jackson],” her mother Lisa told Dateline.

Malcolm’s secretary advised Lisa Malcolm was in, but unable to speak with her.

The family knew Ebony would never abandon her children.

According to Dateline, Roderick reported Ebony missing.
Ebony Monique GiddensThe Charley Project

Investigators discovered that Malcolm Jackson had recently been charged with misdemeanor assault against Ebony on March 10, the week before she went missing.

“She called the police on her boyfriend,” Roderick told Dateline.

Ebony claimed Malcolm hit her and threatened her with a gun. He was arrested, but he bailed himself out the same day. Although he was ordered to stay away from Ebony, he called her multiple times.

A neighbor reported seeing him working on Ebony’s vehicle on March 17, the day before she vanished.

“He kept calling her on Saturday and she told him it was over,” Roderick told Dateline. “The neighbors later told me they saw the boyfriend working on Ebony’s car on Sunday. Then Monday, she’s missing.”

In 2019, Malcolm Jackson represented himself in court on stalking and assault charges days before Ebony disappeared, reports WTVM.

He was found guilty on all charges.

There were no family or friends in the courtroom on Malcolm Jackson's behalf.

He was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

According to WTVM, after her disappearance, 26-year old Travis Gardner, who went to high school with Ebony, told her relatives that he knew where Ebony was.

He posted on Facebook, "I know where she is" and " it will cost you a fee." His post continued with, "$1 million or you will never see her again."

He told the family if they contacted the police, he would send her body to them in pieces.

He wrote, “If u contact the police u will receive a piece of her body one by one.”

At that point, Detective Joseph Jackson stepped in, reports The Telegraph.

“This is not a joking matter,” Jackson posted on the page. “This case is serious. Real serious!!! Consider her family, especially her children. Nobody has to contact police when you openly solicited a ransom for a missing person, Mr. Travis Gardner.”

“OK in for real 2 million dollars,” Travis wrote.

Travis was arrested and ordered to take a psychological evaluation.

Ebony has never been located.

No charges have been filed in connection with her disappearance.

Ebony Giddens was 4'9" and weighed 110 pounds when she vanished.

If you have any information, please contact the Columbus Police Department at 706-653-3205.
Ebony Monique GiddensThe Charley Project

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