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Four Children From Same Family Abducted Years Apart. One Is Still Missing.

The Vivid Faces of the Vanished
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Vanessa Blockett was in her Newport News, Virginia home on 13th Street with her two young sons, 2-week old David and 2-year old Frederick, when a woman showed up at her front door.

The woman identified herself as Marie Kelly, a Department of Social Services worker, reports The Charley Project.

Marie told 19-year old Vanessa the DDS was sponsoring a Holiday event at Riverside Regional Medical Center for the children.

The DDS worker told Vanessa she wanted to enter her 15-day-old son, David, in a photo contest at the event, reports WTKR.

Vanessa then told Marie she also had a two-year-old son, Frederick, and allowed her to take both boys with her.

Sometime that same afternoon, on December 11, 1980, hours after Marie took the boys, a woman found Frederick wandering alone, according to WTKR.

He was found in a shopping center close to Old Mallory Road in Hampton, Virginia.

The little boy had a piece of paper in his pocket that contained his name and address.

David was unable to be located.

Later the same day, a woman called Vanessa and asked what type of formula David used. The caller hung up before police could trace the phone call.

The Department of Social Services advised there was no employee named Marie Kelly listed with their agency.

The agency also advised there was never a Christmas event for children scheduled at Riverside Regional Medical Center, according to The Charley Project.

Investigators discovered this was not the first time someone posing as a social worker approached a mother.

A woman came forth and stated someone approached her about her newborn baby.

The woman said she was a social worker, reports The Charley Project.

The mother told her to go away.

Investigators believe this person obtained David's name and address from the local newspaper. The newspaper provided a list of recent births, which the paper printed three days before David's kidnapping.

Several days after the abduction of David, authorities found a diaper bag and leather folder near a parkway in Yorktown, Virginia.

Investigators believe the items belong to the woman who took David.

Investigators still have the diaper bag in hopes of testing it now for DNA.

The bag contains David's booties, blanket, sweater, jeans, and a comb with hair in the teeth.

The woman who abducted David was described as a medium complexion, African-American female, between 32 to 35 years old. She was 5'4" - 5'8" and weighed 145 - 155 pounds with large hips.

Vanessa passed away at the age of 35 from an aneurism in 1997.

Frederick, now an adult, remembers the abduction. He recalls a man driving the car, neither adult would look at them, and he remembers them dropping him off, reports The Charley Project.

Oddly enough, in June 2011, two of David's nephews were abducted.

David's younger brother, Dante, had two sons.

The boys were five and six years old at the time.

According to The Charley Project, their mother, Yvonne Denise Bannafield, took her sons to work with her.

The mother was approached by a stranger, by Sommer Pannell.

Sommer asked Yvonne for a ride to North Carolina, and Yvonne agreed to take her.

Yvonne told Sommer, a woman she just met, to use her car and take her boys to the park until her shift ended.

Sommer Pannell took the boys.

Thankfully, hours later, all three were found in Halifax, North Carolina.

The boys were unharmed, and investigators discovered Sommer suffered from mental illness.

She was charged with kidnapping and found not guilty because of insanity in June 2012.

David has never been found.

"It's just hard, the not knowing," David's father Fred West told WTKR. "When somebody takes your child from you like that, it just hurts."

"I have faith that God will bring him here, bring him home," said West. "If you're out there, David, if you're hearing me, know that you're loved, and you're missed, and everybody wants to see you come home."

David has a mole in his right ear.

He has hand birthmarks located under his left arm, on his back, and on his buttocks.

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