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The Missing Women of Montgomery. Where Are They?

The Vivid Faces of the Vanished
Kimberly Nicole ArringtonThe Charley Project

Kimberly Arrington

Vanished October 30, 1998

Kimberly Arrington was a well-behaved, friendly teenager, reports The Charley Project.

The tenth grader attended Jefferson Davis High School in 1998 and enjoyed dancing, computers, and children.

On October 30, 1998, 14-year old Kimberly Arrington walked from home to the store in Montgomery, Alabama.

She went to the neighborhood CVS around 4:00 pm to purchase a soft drink and some candy.

When Kimberly failed to return home, her family went out and searched for her.

After several hours, her parents called the police.

Kimberly was seen in the CVS parking lot on the corner of Third Street and Forest Avenue.

Authorities accused Kimberly of being a runaway but later classified her disappearance as an abduction, reports The Charley Project.

Kimberly's mother, who passed away in 2005, never gave up the search for her daughter.

Kimberly's father, Walter Arrington, told CNN one of her last wishes was that he continues to look for their daughter.

"Most people liked her, and she was very friendly towards everybody,'' he told CNN. "I felt like maybe that's part of the reason why they got her.''

Kimberly's father continues to search for his beloved daughter.

Kimberly Arrington was 5"2" - 5"4" and weighed 110 pounds when she vanished.
LaQuanta Nachelle RileyThe Charley Project

LaQuanta Riley

Vanished December 7, 2003

On December 7, 2003, 19-year old Montgomery resident LaQuanta Riley visited the home of her mother.

The honor student stopped by to get a jacket, reports The Charley Project.

She was riding with someone driving a dark green, four-door sedan, possibly a Chevrolet Caprice or Ford Taurus.

According to Namus, there was an unknown number of people in the vehicle.

LaQuanta is the oldest of five younger siblings. They have a younger sibling who passed away in 1996.

LaQuanta’s brother, who answered the door, asked his sister who gave her a ride to the house.

She told him the person was a friend that she met from the neighborhood.

LaQuanta walked out of the house, got back into the car, and disappeared.

She left her belongings, her purse, and money behind, according to The Charley Project.

LaQuanta's mother, Pamela Riley-Bolden, reported her missing after not hearing from Laquanta for 72 hours.

Some point after her disappearance, Pamela reported that a message was left on her answering machine she believes to be her daughter.

Although the message is unclear, according to The Charley Project the caller either said, ”let me go home” or “leave me alone”.

At that point, she heard a man’s voice say LaQuanta’s name, and then the call disconnected.

During the investigation into her disappearance, someone used her name to rent an apartment in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Stone Mountain is the same city where Laquanta graduated from high school, Redan High.

Pamela went to Stone Mountain and found a resident there who Pamela showed a picture of her daughter. The resident said he knew her, but she had just moved out of the apartment down the hall.

He said she asked to use his phone after some type of argument at her apartment down the hall and then moved out a few days before Pamela arrived.

Unfortunately, LaQuanta was never located.

Pamela is the founder of Riley Relief Foundation, a group that provides support for local families searching for their loved ones. More proof of her strength and dedication to never give up on finding her daughter, Laquanta, and her resolve to bring exposure to not only Laquanta’s case but of other lost loved ones in her community.

Laquanta Riley, described by family and friends as bubbly and compassionate, had a bright and promising future. She had just received a full college scholarship and anticipated studying criminal justice and forensic science. She played the clarinet in school, enjoyed cooking and music.

LaQuanta Riley was 5'8" and weighed 200 pounds when she vanished.
Aubrina Nicole MackThe Charley Project

Aubrina Mack

Vanished August 15, 2006

On August 15, 2006, 21-year old Aubrina Nicole Mack left her house in the 700 block of Central Street.

Aubrina told her sister she was walking to a street close by and never returned.

Aubrina had children, and according to The Charley Project, her family said she would never abandon her kids.

There is very little information available in her case.

Aubrina Mack was 5'0" - 5'3" and weighed 120-131 pounds when she vanished.
Nanette Evette ThomasThe Charley Project

Nanette Thomas

Vanished April 8, 2016

Nanette Thomas was a 51-year old loyal employee who rarely missed work.

When her employer, Malone Staffing at Glovis America, contacted her family to inform them of her few days of absence, her loved family knew something was wrong.

Nanette’s family immediately started calling, texting, and messaging her, according to WSFA 12 News.

"I haven't seen her. I haven't gotten any phone calls, nothing. I've been calling her and it just goes to voice mail," said her son, Arkeem Thomas, reports WSFA 12 News.

They went to her apartment on Eastdale Road where everything looked in order, but there were no signs of Nanette, reports The Charley Project.

Her loved ones say it’s completely unlike her to be unreachable and out of contact with them.

The family immediately reported her missing.

Nanette Thomas disappeared 6 days after her co-worker, Rickem Samuel, also disappeared. Nanette even aided in the search for Rickem, who unfortunately was later found deceased.

His cause of death was undetermined and his case remains unsolved.

Her niece, Patrice Johnson, said in a WSFA 12 News interview, “Auntie Nette, we miss you dearly and if you can, can you just please come home? We are extremely worried. We're barely sleeping. We need you home. We are all concerned. Could you just please come on back? We just want to hear your voice, at least. Just let us know that you're OK."

"This is not like her to be away for this long. And it's not like her to miss work. We're just praying and asking God for her appearance," her son, Ray Thomas, told WSFA 12 News.

Nanette Thomas was 5'6" and weighed 220 pounds when she vanished.
Lakira GoldsmithThe Charley Project

Lakira Goldsmith

Vanished November 27, 2018

20-year old Lakira Goldsmith, nicknamed Pigg by her family, was a loving mother to a two-year-old son.

She lived in the 4500 block of Narrow Lane Road in Montgomery, Alabama.

On November 27, 2018, Lakira left her house with her boyfriend.

Her grandmother watched her get into the car, but Lakira has never returned.

A maintenance man in her apartment complex said he saw Lakira around 2:00 am on November 28, 1018.

The Charley Projects reports the maintenance worker said he let Lakira use his phone.

The man went inside and left her outside talking on his phone. When he returned, Lakira was gone and his phone was laying on the steps.

This is the last known sighting of Lakira.

Her mother, Marchelle Gold, continues to search for her daughter.

"I find myself questioning God every day, asking why me? Why my child? It's so hard to keep the faith [when] someone that you love so much can just get snatched away from you and you don't know what's going on," she posted on Facebook after Lakira's disappearance.

Lakira Goldsmith Facebook Page:

Lakira Goldsmith was 5'4"-5'5" and weighed 145-180 pounds when she vanished.
Donna Michelle CallowayThe Charley Project

Donna Calloway

Vanished August 28, 2019

December 2020, Donna Calloway's children told their aunt they did not want Christmas presents.

They told her they wanted the money to pay for a private investigator, reports the Montgomery Advertiser.

Their mother is missing.

Namus reports on August 28, 2019, 39-year old Donna Calloway left her residence and never returned.

No one has seen or heard from her since.

Her sister, Kawonna Abner, is raising her eight nieces and nephews.

According to the Montgomery Advertiser, Kawonna Abner attempted to report her sister missing, but the police refused to take the report until one year later, in August 2019.

She said Donna was last seen in June 2018.

Kawonna told the Montgomery Advertiser that Donna has an intellectual disability. Kawonna said her sister is persuaded easily.

She said if Donna were in a bad situation, she is not the type of person to fight back.

Kawonna said investigators wanted her to believe Donna ran off and left her children, reports the Montgomery Advertiser.

"They said they thought she just left her kids to start a new life because there were eight of them," Kawonna told the Montgomery Advertiser.

She said police required her to prove her sister has a disability before they would file a report.

It was finally filed more than a year after Calloway had been gone.

She said the delay of a year into her sister's disappearance is unforgivable.

"My sister loves her children," she said. "I don’t care where she's at, she's going to call and talk to them. She wouldn’t just leave her children."

Kawonna believes her sister was forced into human trafficking.

Their beloved mother passed away in May 2020.

"My sister is missing and she doesn’t even know my mom is dead," Abner told the Montgomery Advertiser. "If you don’t have family that cares, nothing is going to be done. If you don’t have an education, nothing is going to be done. If they think it’s going to take too much time or money —look what they did to my sister's case."

Donna Calloway was 5'3" and weighed 119 pounds when she vanished.

If you have any information on any of these missing women, please contact the Montgomery Police Department at 334-625-2810.

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