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Pregnant Texas Woman Disappears, Cousin and Boyfriend Charged

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Sheryia GrantThe Charley Project

20-year old Sheryia Ronsha Grant was eight months pregnant and living in Kilgore, Texas.

She worked at a local Chicken Express restaurant and was looking forward to giving birth. Sheryia recently spent her entire paycheck on new baby items and supplies, anticipating being a new mother, reports the Charley Project.

The night of August 19, 2016, around midnight, Sheryia disappeared.

Two months after her disappearance, Sheryia’s home in the 700 block of Martin Luther King Street was destroyed in a fire.

According to the Charley Project, her older sister, who lived in the home with Sheryia, and the father of Sheryia's unborn child, Allen "Lamont" Sutton Jr., were both charged with insurance fraud concerning the fire.

Allen, who was Sheryia’s ex-boyfriend and father of her unborn child, was known to threaten her after she became pregnant.

According to investigators, he was in a relationship with Sheryia's cousin, Laneshia Young.
Laneshia YoungThe Charley Project

While Laneshia was serving time in jail, he developed a relationship with Sheryia. Sheryia became pregnant with Allen's child.

Neither Allen nor Laneshia were happy about the pregnancy.

After Sheryia vanished, the Crown Victoria Allen and Laneshia owned together was repossessed.

The vehicle creditor noticed the trunk liner, car jack, and spare tire were missing.

Authorities searched the vehicle and found blood in the trunk of the car.

DNA eventually matched the blood to Sheryia.

Allen and Laneshia were arrested in March 2017.

According to KETK News, 26-year old Laneshia Lashae Young, and 29-year old Allen "Lamont" Sutton, Jr. were charged in connection with Sheryia's death. Their charges included tampering or fabricating physical evidence with intent to impair a human corpse.

Allen was sentenced to ten years.

Allen Sutton filed an appeal.

According to the Longview News-Journal, that appeal was denied in 2020.

Chief Justice Josh Morriss III disagreed in the 10-page ruling, writing, “Evidence was presented from which the jury could find that Sutton removed and concealed the trunk liner, or cooperated with Young in such actions, to keep it out of any investigation into Grant’s disappearance.”

He later wrote, “Considering all the evidence in a light most favorable to the verdict, we find sufficient evidence from which a rational jury could have found Sutton concealed the trunk liner with an intent to preclude the liner’s use as evidence into the investigation of Grant’s whereabouts. This point of error is overruled.”

Sheryia and her unborn child have never been found.

Sheryia was 5’5” and weighed 130 pounds when she vanished.

Please contact the Kilgore Police Department at 903-218-6903 with any information.

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