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3-Year-Old New Orleans Girl Vanished in 1984. She was Reported Missing in 2018

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Ramona Brown Age Progression Photo: Original Photo 1984 to Age 37Daily Mail UK

In February 2018, a woman contacted the New Orleans Police Department to report her sister, Ramona Brown, missing. She said Ramona vanished in 1984. WWLTV created an investigative series focused on Ramona Brown's disappearance.

This is her story:

Aubrey and Johnnie Mae Brown lived in New Orleans with their 10 children. The family home in the 2600 block of Memorial Drive, had three bedrooms. The girls shared one room, the boys all shared a room and the parents had their room. The night of March 5, 1984, Aubrey and Johnnie Mae slept in the dining room near the furnace with some of the kids. One of the boys slept in the boy's room and Ramona slept in the girl's room. The youngest boys in the family, Kevin, 2, and Aubrey, Jr.,4, fell asleep on the couch in the living room. Sometime during the early morning hours of March 6, 1984, the family home caught on fire. Everyone was able to escape except for Kevin and Aubrey, who perished in the fire. Simona, their older sister who was 6-years old at the time, recalls hearing her brothers scream, “Mom! Dad! Help me, please!” When the boy’s bodies were found, Aubrey was hugging Kevin, as if to protect him from the fire.

The fire was determined to have started in the girl’s bedroom, but never determined a cause. Neighbors say they heard three loud bangs just before 3:00 am and then discovered the fire. Firefighters searched the ruins of the home and although two male bodies were found, Ramona’s was not.

Ramona and her 7 remaining siblings were able to escape. Her older sister, Simona Brown, said Ramona was sleeping in the dining room with her parents and was able to get out of the house. She said an unidentified man and woman pulled up in a bronze or brown-colored vehicle and asked if they could help the children. The couple stopped, offered to watch Ramona, and the little girl got in the vehicle. Simona remembers them being an older, interracial couple.

The unknown couple, the car, and Ramona have not been seen since.

According to WWLTV, Simona said she told her mother about the couple and Ramona the day after the fire. Investigators launched an intense search of the fire scene and area. They found absolutely no remains of Ramona in the fire and said it’s hard to believe that her remains could be completely consumed by the fire. After a week the NOPD reported they stopped looking for Ramona.

The family and community searched themselves and even through the ruins of the fire looking for any sign of Ramona.

Dorothy Nickerson, Ramona’s grandmother, said two to three days after the fire, she received a phone call. The voice said, “Maw”, what Ramona called her. She responded, “who is this?”. The person said, “Al.” That was the family nickname for Ramona. She said, “Al, where you at?”, but never got a response.

Dorothy told her daughter, Johnnie Mae, about the call, but no one ever told the police. Dorothy is positive the voice was Ramona.

Aubrey Brown, Sr., Ramona’s father, rebuilt the family home. That home caught fire twice after the re-build. Fortunately, the family wasn’t injured in those fires.

According to the NOPD, a missing person’s report was never filed on Ramona. Investigators advised they told the family they could open a case, but that was never done.

Unfortunately, Ramona’s mother, Johnnie Mae, lost her battle with cancer on June 18, 2019. She died surrounded by her children, family, and loved ones in the house she vowed she would never leave.

If you know anything about the disappearance or whereabouts of Ramona Brown, please contact the NOPD 4th District @ 504-658-6040.
Brown Home Fire After 1984 FireClick Orlando

You can watch her story below

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