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Mental health includes emotional, psychological and social well-being. It affects the way we think, what we influence and how we act. It also depends on how we deal with stress, how we treat others, and how we make choices. Mental health is true in every period of life, from childhood to adolescence and egg maturity and adulthood. World Mental Health Day has been organized by the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) since 1992, on October 10 each year in more than a hundred countries around the world.

Here are 5 movies about mental health issues that will make things a little clearer:

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

The story takes place in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. Cooper plays Patrick "Pat" Solitano Jr., a man with bipolar disorder. Pat, who is sent to a mental health facility after brutally attacking his wife's lover, gets out after eight months and moves back in with his parents (De Niro and Weaver). Pat is determined to win back his estranged wife. But everything changes when he meets a young widow, Tiffany Maxwell (Lawrence), who offers to help him get his wife back if he enters a dance competition with her. The two become closer as they train and Pat, his father, and Tiffany examine their relationships with each other as they cope with their personal situations.

Genre: Romance/Drama

Running time: 122 minutes

Directed by: David O. Russell

Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Set in the changing world of the late 1960s, "Girl, Interrupted" is an award-winning movie about the true story of Susanna Kaysen (Winona Ryder), a young woman who finds herself at a renowned mental institution for troubled young women after she tried to commit suicide. She is diagnosed, by Dr. Melvin Potts, with borderline personality disorder. When she arrives at Claymoore, she is greeted by Nurse Valerie Owens and shown round the woman's ward. Here she meets Georgina Tuskin, a pathological liar who is fixated with The Wizard of Oz; Polly Clark, a childlike schizophrenic; Janet Webber, a sardonic anorexic patient; Daisy Randone, a girl who won't let anyone in her room, and only eats her father's chicken; and Lisa Rowe, a sociopath who controls the other patients, and makes lives hard for the nurses at Claymoore. This movie battles subjects such as mental heath, abuse, self-harm and suicide.

Genre: Drama

Running time: 127 minutes

Directed by: James Mangold

The Breakfast Club (1985)

Five high school students all with different mindsets, face detainment in their school library on a Saturday morning. The disparate group includes rebel John (Judd Nelson), princess Claire (Molly Ringwald), outcast Allison (Ally Sheedy), brainy Brian (Anthony Michael Hall) and Andrew (Emilio Estevez), the jock. Each has a chance to tell his or her story, making the others see them a little differently. As time passes by, their egos fade and they become close buddies. The disorders portrayed in the film include: Borderline Personality Disorder- instability in moods, interpersonal relationships, self-image, and behavior. Schizotypal Personality Disorder- peculiarities of thinking, odd beliefs, and eccentricities of appearance, behavior, interpersonal style, and thought.

Genre: Drama/Teen

Running time: 97 minutes

Directed by: John Hughes


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