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5 Movies Shot in San Antonio, TX

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Movies affect many of us powerfully. Whether they're scary, funny, romantic or anywhere in-between, the combination of images, music, dialogue, lighting, sound and special effects can draw out deep feelings and even have an impact on our lives. They can help us understand some important values in our lives, the lives of those around us.
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Sometimes we forget that movies are actually filmed in places we pass by every day, on the way home or work. San Antonio also still boasts a few credible movies under its belt, so grab some popcorn, a cool drink and showtime!

  • Miss Congeniality (Comedy/Action) 2000- The story is set in New York City and San Antonio. The Alamo and River Walk (Arneson River Theatre) scenes were shot on location in San Antonio.

The main character Gracie Hart, a tomboyish detective, is made to infiltrate the Miss United States beauty pageant as a contestant after her department learns that the event is under threat from an anonymous bomber.
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  • Cloak & Dagger (Adventure/Family) 1984- It was filmed in San Antonio (The Alamo, the Sunken Gardens, River Walk, the Tower Life building) & Los Angeles.

With his mother dead and his father, Hal Osborne, busy working, 11-year-old Davey spends his time immersed in video games, often dreaming up espionage stories featuring imaginary spy Jack Flack. When Davey sees the murder of an FBI agent, the dying man hands him an Atari video game cartridge with military secrets.
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  • Johnny Be Good (Comedy/Teen) 1988- In part, filming took place in Texas including Georgetown, San Antonio (school campuses of Thomas Jefferson High School, Alamo Heights High School and University of the Incarnate Word), and New Braunfels.

It is all about a high-school quarterback Johnny Walker is being courted by elite colleges nationwide. To get the sports star to enroll, an army of recruiters entices him with everything a young, hormonal teenager could want. He gets stuck between his best friends and girlfriends wishes.

  • Still Breathing (Romance/Rom-com) 1997- Filming locations include San Marcos and San Antonio (The Alamo)

In this movie, a Texas street performer believes that his destined love is the disillusioned con woman he met in a Los Angeles bar.
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  • Battleship (Action/Sci-fi) 2012- Filming took place on the Hawaiian islands of Maui and Oahu, as well as in Sherman Oaks and Playa del Rey, California and San Antonio (Military Medical Center).

The movie is about an international fleet of ships that encounter an alien armada and discover their destructive goals. To defeat their enemies, they are forced to fight an intense battle on sea, land and air.

The film was nominated for seven Razzies. Rihanna won for Worst Supporting Actress.

What's your favorite movie? Where was the movie shot?

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