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3 Most Elegant Libraries in New York City

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If you ask me, libraries define how rich a country is, maybe not with money, but knowledge and culture. If people must be labled, that should be done by the types of books they like to read. I admit it might sound overdramatic, but all I want to say is that books are extremely important. Some books are affordable, the others rather costly making it hard for some book lovers. That is why libraries are an essential part of the community. By getting a membership readers can enjoy all of the adventages.

The following libraries in New York City will take your breath way.

Brooklyn Public Library

Photo: Susan De Vries

This public library system of the New York City borough of Brooklyn is built in 1941. Designed to look like an open book, It is the sixteenth largest public library system in the United States by holding and the seventh by number of visitors.

New York citizens ages 13 and older can apply online for library card.

New York Public Library

Photo: Max Touhey Photography

The Rose Reading Room, crystal chandeliers, gold lamps and around 53 million books from every period and author- what else could we ask for!

Every New York citizen that pays taxes may become a member and enjoy the books free of charges. If you are not already, just apply online today.

The Morgan Library & Museum

Photo: Pinterest user, Alex | Life Well Wandered

This museum and research library is located in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. Influenced by the Italian Renaissance the library is home to 350.000 books. The ceiling contains zodiacal signs that are arranged in a way that was personally meaningful to Morgan (the founder). The two signs immediately above the entrance are Aries and Gemini which correspond to his birthdate and second marriage. He also positioned the other signs in a way that represents his loved ones.

You can become a member with paying and its definetely worth it because not only you can enjoy the books but you are also invited to many exclusive exhibitions, programs, and events.

Tell us about your favorite books in the comments and why should we read them!

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