Final Polls Before GA Runoff Show Neither Warnock nor Walker Leading by More than any Poll’s Margin of Error

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With only a day remaining before the battle for Georgia’s Senatorial runoff concludes, neither candidate has emerged as clearly leading the race – we link you directly to the polls

With only slightly more than 24 hours remaining before the polls close for the last time in the much-heralded Georgia Senate runoff election between incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger and former football superstar Herschel Walker, we examined the most credible recent polls, only to find that neither candidate is shown to be leading by a larger margin than any of the poll’s declared margins of error.

To take the temperature of the voting public, we set out to peruse the polling aggregators like Real Clear Politics and FiveThirtyEight. These aggregators collect the polling data from each of the individual polling agencies and then compare them in a sort of spreadsheet interface.

They do this so that anyone interested in the polling results can quickly glance over their table and get a feel for how the national voting public is feeling. Doing this, lets us consider the macro polling results of numerous polls at one glance. It also makes it really easy to spot statistical anomalies which sometimes occur when one poll might be declaring results that are so drastically different than what other polling agencies are reporting, as to warrant a closer look at the differences in the way those polls were conducted.

Today, in this last day before the Georgia Senate runoff election is to be settled once and for all, we looked to polling aggregator Real Clear Politics and found no such anomalies.

All three of the most recent polls the aggregator is showing, which are dating from December 2nd, show that both Warnock and Walker are in a statistical dead heat. That means that, according to the polling results, neither candidate is leading the other by a margin that is greater than that poll’s declared margin of error.

For these polls, The Hill/ Emerson, which is dated December 1st, shows Warnock with a razor-thin advantage over Walker, however, this is often the case when early voting is in place since early voting often slightly favors the Democratic candidate in any election. Conversely, voting that occurs on the final day of any election usually favors the Republican candidate in a close race such as this one.

So close is this race, that when the two faced off in the general election on November 8th, despite over 4 million votes being cast within the state of Georgia, neither candidate was able to capture more than 50% of the total voting electorate, thereby forcing the 1-month runoff election, according to Georgia law.

This time, when the race is finally settled on, or shortly after December 6th, the results will be final, regardless of how slim the margin of victory is.

In the WXIA-TV Atlanta/Survey USA poll, the same is true, with the poll showing the slightest of advantages for Warnock, but by a margin that doesn’t surpass the poll’s stated margin of error.

The exact same truth can be said for the final poll that RCP is showing, which is the most recent CNN poll.

As it would seem, no matter which candidate ultimately wins this race, the results are sure to be hotly contested by the losing side.

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