Jan 6th Committee Under Fire - Staff Speaks Out Against Cheney & Schiff Admits “Info Will be Scrubbed from Final Report”

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As many predicted, the final report of the January 6th committee may lack much of the efficacy some hoped for

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Most of America watched at least some of the televised hearings put on by the House Select Committee regarding the January 6, 2021 raid upon the US Capitol, and very few could argue with the fact that those hearings focused on one thing and one thing only – former president Donald Trump.

To be sure, this made many of Trump’s most prominent detractors jubilant as witness after witness testified from their perspectives of the events of that day. Whether little if any of that testimony could ever be used in any court of law is up for debate, but a new wrinkle is now being introduced only weeks before the committee issues its long-awaited final report.

In a recent interview with The Washington Post, some 15 former and current staffers working behind the scenes with the committee voiced their anger for the first time that the soon to be relieved from Congress, Committee Vice Chair, Liz Cheney (R-WY) focused far too much of the committee’s efforts on debasing former president Donald Trump and completely ignored many pieces of other evidence that the public will now never be made aware of.

In that interview, the staffers, who agreed to speak to the Post on the condition of anonymity, proclaimed,

“We all came from prestigious jobs, dropping what we were doing because we were told this would be an important fact-finding investigation that would inform the public,” said one former committee staffer. “But when [the committee] became a Cheney 2024 campaign, many of us became discouraged.”

Some staffers noted that the mission of the committee — as spelled out in the resolution authorizing its formation — was to discover what political forces and intelligence and security failures allowed the U.S. Capitol Police and its partners to be so overwhelmed and ill-prepared for the attack and to ensure that such an event could not happen again. Leaving any relevant information out of the final report would ignore important lessons for the future and issues that will outlive Trump, they argued.

A senior committee staffer told staff in a virtual conference meeting two weeks ago that none of the work done by people serving on teams other than the Gold Team that didn’t focus on Trump would be included in the final report.

“Everybody freaked out,” the staffer said.
“It’s not a class project — everyone doesn’t get a participation prize,” said a senior Democratic aide. “The Green Team has chapters and chapters of good work, but the problem is they’ve learned a lot of great stuff about objectionable but completely legal things.”

The disgruntled nature of the staffers was also recently reported by The Washington Examiner.

In the Post article, it was reported that tensions between the committee members are also high. So much so, that some members are angry about information being shared with the press regarding internal discussions on what to include or exclude from the final report, according to people familiar with the mood on the committee.

Soon, with Republican control of the House coming in January, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) – who is expected to be the new chair of the House Judiciary Committee - and his staff are already preparing to conduct an examination of any evidence omitted from the final report.

Lawyers familiar with witness testimony that was never aired said Jordan is preparing for the deep dive he will lead as he seeks to portray the investigation as a political hit job that focused on a predetermined narrative to “blame Trump,” and ignored other facts that conflicted with that storyline.

The committee is well aware that Republicans are eager to get their hands on whatever materials become available to them when the House GOP conference takes back the majority.

“I expect them to do a document dive and cherry-pick from the documents,” said a staffer working on the final report. “I have 100 percent confidence they’re going to do.”

None of this is helped by a recent interview given by Committee Member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) on the CNN Show State of the Union, hosted by correspondent Dana Bash, where he said,

"The evidence will all be made public," Schiff said. "Now, we will have to make sure that we scrub that evidence for personally identifiable information, that the evidence that we provide protects people's security, it doesn't put them at risk. So, there are things that we're going to have to do along those lines."

Obviously, this type of statement does not sit well with many Americans who were told this process would be transparent through and through, particularly when combined with the new knowledge coming from the January 6th Committee Staffers who are now declaring that ‘reams’ of pertinent information that had nothing to do with Donald Trump is being excluded from the final report.

As always, The Veracity Report will keep you up to date on breaking developments regarding this matter as they develop.

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