Democrats Seem Convinced They Won the 2022 Mid-Term Elections – But the Facts Don’t Bear that Out | Opinion

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After suffering substantial losses across several major states, Democrats may have more to fear than their arrogance will let them believe
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By now, most of us have heard that the Republican party didn’t win a 40-50 seat majority in the House of Representatives as some other non-White House-occupied parties have done in the past.

We also know that the Democrats managed to retain a slim majority in the Senate. We’ve noticed that Democrats seem particularly proud of this last one. Yet, what almost nobody else mentions is that, with such stubbornly moderate Democrats as Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, hanging around, Republicans can be fairly confident the upper chamber will not try to advance the most extreme parts of President Biden’s agenda.

Even if they do, any such measure would be dead on arrival as soon as it hits the Republican-controlled House. Also, because of the House flip, the most extreme spending proposals will never even make it up to the Senate.

However, if conservatives can look past the disappointment they feel from overblown media expectations, they will see there is more than a little GOP good news to go around.

That’s because Republicans now have control in the House of Representatives and hold the majority of gubernatorial seats. In North Carolina and Ohio, Republicans won all of the Supreme Court races on the ballot, winning and preserving Republican majorities, respectively.

While Democratic Kansas governor Laura Kelly hung on to her job, Republicans gained a super-majority in the House to match their existing advantage in the Senate of that state.

Also, while Republicans lost chambers in Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, they gained a super-majority in Iowa and West Virginia and took away one held by the Democrats in Oregon. Overall, a good result, possibly bordering on great.

What’s more, when we look at 2018 and 2022’s exit polls, according to the Pew Research Group, we can quantify the narratives about Democrats losing ground with minority voters.

Compared to the 2018 midterms, Republicans grew support among all minority groups: +4 among Black voters, +10 among Hispanics, and an extremely impressive +17 among Asians.

If Republicans can continue to improve on these trends, even slightly, it puts a significant number of House districts, which were previously out of reach, squarely on the table. Even more, it solidifies their positions in current swing districts.

For example, Florida’s 25th and 26th congressional districts flipped in 2020 as Republicans increased their margins among Hispanics and Democrats yet were unable to regain power during those midterms.

State-specific exit polls also show encouraging data for the future. Even though Republican Mehmet Oz lost the Senate race in Pennsylvania, he won the vast majority (72 percent) of voters who were focused on inflation. The same was true in Arizona and New Hampshire showing that if Republicans can keep debates focused on economic issues, they have a significant advantage. This could be one of the key reasons that more and more Democrats are simply refusing to debate the issues in a public forum against their Republican political rivals.

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