Newest Poll Shows Zeldin Leading Hochul for the First Time Overcoming the Huge Lead She Once Had

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It seems incredible, but it is also one of the most sensational stories leading up to the mid-terms - these tremendous gains a GOP challenger has made against a Democratic incumbent
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With less than a week now before the pivotal Mid-Term elections which will shape the power structure of many states, decide the balance of political might within America’s Congress for the next two years, and determine if President Biden will be reduced to what is essentially a political lame duck for the remaining two years of his term, the final polling numbers are beginning to take shape.

As there is every election cycle, this one is showing a few surprises, but none of them are more shocking than in the race for the next governor of the State of New York.

By now, most people are aware that the previously elected governor, Andrew Cuomo, resigned over a year ago when it was revealed that several women in and around his offices were making accusations and filing charges against the Democrat for various sexual harassment and misconduct allegations.

In stepped his Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul who has held the position since.

The interim governor’s brief stint in the Governor’s mansion has also been steeped in more than a little controversy. From questionable bail reform laws to catch and release policies on crime, and her trying to sidestep the Second Amendment and implement her own brand of gun laws, not to mention more than a few outlandish and controversial statements to the press, this governor’s tenure hasn’t been boring.

Be that as it may, Republican challenger Lee Zeldin, who is hoping to become the first Republican Governor of the Empire State since George Pataki last held the position in 2006, began his campaign as a massive underdog in the predominantly blue state.

Since winning the GOP primary and being officially labeled as the Republican candidate, Zeldin has seen a pretty significant reversal of fortune, however, in the roller-coaster ride that this race would become. That’s because when he initially was named the candidate for the GOP, he was instantaneously lagging in the polls by about 25%. That’s a pretty steep hill to climb for even the most seasoned political veteran.

And while Zeldin isn’t a complete novice at public service - he has represented New York's 1st congressional district in the United States House of Representatives since 2015, and is an active United States Army Reservist, that type of resume isn’t typically associated with the ability to overcome a 25 point polling deficit against an incumbent governor, and in a state that leans strongly toward the opponent’s political ideology.

Nevertheless, after getting physically assaulted with a weapon during an open-air campaign rally, and promising to reverse the highly controversial catch-and-release and no-bail policies of the current administration, Lee Zeldin has somehow managed to erase that huge deficit. What’s more, for the first time since being officially named as the GOP nominee to challenge Hochul, and with less than a week remaining until the general election, polls are now actually showing Zeldin with a lead over the Democratic incumbent.

According to this latest poll by the Trafalgar Group, Zeldin is now actually leading Hochul by a small margin. And while that margin is indeed small, any lead at all, for a candidate who was losing by over 25 points only a few short weeks ago, is a major victory in and of itself.

Of course, nobody can accurately predict the outcome of an election, however, by looking at polls that are taken by reputable polling agencies using precise demographics, we can get a good feel for the momentum of a candidate and how the general voting public is reacting to their message.

The Veracity Report will be monitoring and reporting on these and other polls almost continuously between now and Election Tuesday on November 8th.

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