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In recent days, Former President Donald Trump has scored some key legal victories that Dems work hard to publicly downplay and discredit any way they can
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It began a little over a week ago, when the New York AG announced, after much hoopla, that she would be seeking civil fraud lawsuits against several members of the Trump family for the alleged overinflation of property values used as collateral to secure larger loans.

After declaring that they would be making 'a major announcement' the next day pertaining to the Trump investigation, the NY AG stunned the massive media gala during the ensuing press release with her smoldering fecal civil fraud declaration.

Opponents of the former President immediately began trumpeting how devastating of a blow this was to Trump and his family members, several of which were also named in the lawsuit. The problem is, this was supposed to be a criminal investigation that once carried with it the promise of indictments and several criminal charges.

The fact that after three years of investigations and the complete perusal of all of Trump's tax records going back over a decade, the best the NY state AG could come up with was a civil lawsuit for allegedly overinflated property values is not only a win for Trump, it's pretty much the legal equivalent of a walk-off grand slam.

This is especially true when viewed in the context that these 'investigators' would indict and convict the former President for Jay-walking violations if they could. Absolutely no charge would be too small if it meant getting a legitimate criminal charge filed against Trump. Yet, after three years of scouring his books and tax records for any minutiae that might even remotely constitute a crime, this is the best they could come up with.

Next, Trump's detractors are having a social media field day at the news that the 11th circuit ruled in favor of the DOJ in their impromptu appeal of Judge Cannon's decisions in Trump's favor regarding the Special Master to oversee the document handling of the Mar-a-Lago raid on August 8th. One site even went as far as to use a title insisting Trump's legal team got 'Benchslapped.'

The problem is, the 11th Circuit only ruled in favor of the DOJ inasmuch as one element was concerned - that the DOJ would be allowed to continue to use the roughly 100 pages of documents marked as classified, which the DOJ insists were never declassified by Trump, in the course of their investigation.

The fact remains the Special Master was named and is, in fact, overseeing the case, just as Judge Cannon ordered. This conclusively proves that Trump won all aspects of the DOJ's appeal except that one small point pertaining to the continued use of those 100 documents out of the over 11,000 that were seized from Mar-a-Lago.

To any logically rational human, this can only be considered to be a victory for Donald Trump, not the DOJ.

Lastly, there is the recent decision by the special master that Trump should show proof of his allegation that the FBI planted evidence during their raid of his home. Democrats and other detractors of the former President have ceaselessly touted this declaration as another win for the DOJ, going as far as openly mocking Trump across social media for having demanded the special master which he was also ordered to pay for.

But nothing compares to the viciously rabid comments issued by those same folks when Judge Cannon recently ruled that Trump was not legally required to do any such thing. Instead, they've assembled a train of liberal-paid ad-hoc attorneys to publicly parrot how much of a legal travesty Judge Cannon's rulings on the case have been, and that they are only due to the fact that she was a Trump appointee.

Ironically, when many Trump-appointed judges were ruling against him after his campaign challenged the results of the 2020 presidential election across several Federal municipalities, nobody had a problem with that or saw any conflict of interest whatsoever.

Instead, they would vilify a Federal Judge, because she is true to the letter of the law and is making sure an accused's Constitutional right to due process is being respected by the investigating authorities.

The very same authorities, I might add, that boast a proven and well-established track record of improprieties throughout the course of their investigations, only the most recent of which is the forced resignation of former FBI ASAC Timmothy Thibault who has now been shown to have strong personal political biases which directly influenced how he chose to pursue the Hunter Biden laptop investigation. Here, I've included only two more of the several such alleged incidences of misconduct by the FBI, a second blunder being the Larry Nasser case, and lastly, there is the bungled FISA probe.

As the November 8th mid-term elections rapidly approach, it's probably safe to assume the rhetoric and accusations will only escalate. It's also safe to say that, whether the folks sitting on the left side of the aisle like it or not, Donald Trump is going to be a strong factor - both in these mid-terms, and in the Presidential election of 2024, whether he decides to declare his own candidacy, or opts instead to endorse another GOP candidate for the Nation's top job.

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