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The off-script remark quieted the entire room and caused more than a few people listening from home to shake their heads in disbelief

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Joe Biden is making headlines again, and as usual, they’re somewhat less than inspiring.

This time, during a recent Democratic National Committee speech in front of dozens of teachers and union leaders, the President stopped his snarky contradictions to GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s newly unveiled “Commitment to America” campaign, just long enough to acknowledge a woman he seemed to recognize in the audience.

What happened next, shocked those in attendance, who mostly laughed the awkward comment off, but it has raised the hackles of millions of Americans who were watching it live, and who have since watched it on the internet and across unbiased news agencies.

The remark, which you can watch for yourselves below, has fueled a virtual firestorm of criticism from across the country and around the world, where even media outlets in India are reporting how the president’s comments “shocked the internet.”

And while many media sources have shouted similar sentiments since Biden issued the unfortunate remarks, notably:

The Washington Examiner

India Today


The Times of India

The New York Post


And Fox News

noticeably absent are reports or even comments from such media outlets as CNN, MSNBC, Politico, Axios, Business Insider, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Hill, The Guardian, and so many others who frequently weigh in on all things political in America, but who are remaining observably silent on this, and several other key issues American voters are faced with heading into these crucial 2022 midterm elections on November 8th.

The remarks, as they were made:

At least, that is, they are remaining silent on most issues that cannot be spun to reflect positively on Democrats or their campaigns.

Meanwhile, none of them have any issues addressing stories that could possibly be spun to detract from Republican candidates, (the Mar-a Lago raid, the special master, and so many others) however, which always causes us to raise a scrupulous eyebrow at that type of politically biased yellow journalism. It’s the very reason we started The Veracity Report and Wild Orchid Media in the first place.

Nobody yet is quite sure of where these comments came from, or why the President opted to voice them so publicly, apparently without any regard for the possible implications of the comment.

At The Veracity Report, we will never try to make up your mind for you or suggest what you should think or who you should believe. our sole mission is, and will always be, to inform you of the facts and all points of view so that you can employ your own unique knowledge, personality, background, and personal values to adapt those facts into your own well-informed opinions.

For now, this is still an ongoing investigation within The Veracity Report, especially since the mystery woman the President seemed to recognize has not yet been publicly identified. Of course, we will keep you apprised of developments both through NewsBreak and on our website www.veracityreport.org.

Veracity Editor's Note:

This unbiased, non-satirical, fully attributed article was thoroughly researched by our team of fact-checkers and found to be accurate. The sources relied upon for the factual basis of this article were: The Washington Examiner, The India Times, The New York Post, NBC 6 WJAC and Fox News.

More information on this and all of our stories are available on our network website veracityreport.org.

This article was compiled and written by Chief Political Correspondent Kurt Dillon – Because the Truth Matters!

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