Republicans are Elated as Crist Resigns from House to Challenge DeSantis

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Charlie Crist has resigned from his position in the House of Reps to run for Governor of Florida and the news is sweet music to the GOP
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Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) resigned from Congress recently, as the three-term congressman heads into the final laps of his race against Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis.

Crist's resignation comes eight days after he decisively won the Democratic primary for Florida governor, and though he had already announced he would not be seeking another term in Congress, Florida's "Resign-to-Run" law requires all candidates to resign "if the terms or any part of the terms would overlap with each other." DeSantis also had to do this when he resigned from his U.S. House seat in the 2018 Florida gubernatorial race.

The fact of Crist's resignation also marked jubilation on the part of many Republicans. That's because with the recent Congressional redistricting across the state, the 13th district, which Crist just vacated, now has a 97% chance to be reclaimed by a Republican, according to FiveThirtyEight Polling.

What's more, IPSOS polling, together with FiveThirtyEight, have since declared that the likely swap of this key House seat now leaves the Democrats with a mere 23% chance to retain control of the House after the November mid-term elections.

Crist, for his part, didn’t mention his gubernatorial campaign at any point within his resignation letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which said, in part:

"During my time in Congress, I have made a point to treat all people with respect, even if we may disagree, while also standing up for my constituents and being their voice in Washington," Crist wrote. "Devotion to service, listening before speaking, treating others how you want to be treated — these are all things this country and this world need more of, now more than ever."

With Crist's resignation, and accounting for the two outcomes of the special elections in New York earlier this month, Democrats currently control 220 seats in the House compared to 212 for Republicans. There are also two remaining Congressional vacancies in Alaska and Indiana, respectively.

The newly vacated Florida House seat immediately becomes more favorable to Republicans because of the recent statewide congressional redistricting. In the GOP primary, Trump-backed Air Force veteran Anna Paulina Luna won the GOP nomination and will face former aide to former President Barack Obama, Democrat Eric Lynn.

Crist was first elected to Florida's 13th District in 2016 and was the first Democrat to occupy that seat in 62 years.

Crist had served as Florida's governor, as a Republican, from 2007 to 2011. He ran unsuccessfully as an independent against Republican Marco Rubio in the 2010 Senate race, and as a Democrat against then-Republican Governor Rick Scott.

His resignation may also temper some of the GOP attacks about his proxy voting record in the U.S. House.

Crist’s race against DeSantis has gotten much deeper since he won the primary, however every poll we could find shows that Crist has a steep uphill battle before him if he hopes to unseat the popular Florida Governor. An internal survey by the Democratic Governors Association showed Crist down five points to DeSantis, while one from the University of North Florida released before the primary showed him down eight points. Another from the Florida Chamber of Commerce showed a similar eight-point lead for DeSantis.

The day after the primary, Crist's campaign said they raised over $1 million dollars. DeSantis still has a massive fundraising total this cycle, with over $27.6 million raised according to the Florida Department of State Division of Elections. By comparison, Crist's campaign last reported $8.1 million raised.

In an event after the primary, Crist called DeSantis 'anti-freedom Ron' and declared that those who support DeSantis "should stay with him."
"I don't want your vote. If you have that hate in your heart, keep it there," Crist said. "I want the vote of the people of Florida who care about our state: good Democrats, good Independents, good Republicans. Unify with this ticket. Those who are haters: you're gonna go off in your own world."

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This unbiased, non-satirical, fully attributed article was thoroughly researched by our team of fact-checkers and found to be accurate. The sources relied upon for the factual basis of this article were: FiveThirtyEight Polling, Interactive Polls, the Florida Department of State Division of Elections, The Associated Press, Real Clear Politics, and the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

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