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Ipsos released a new poll this past Wednesday that measured President Joe Biden’s national approval rating after recent events like his controversial speech, here’s what they revealed

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One of our nation’s most prolific and well-recognized polling agencies, IPSOS, recently released the results of their latest poll to get a feel for the current acceptance and approval of the Biden administration, particularly after the deliverance of his recent, controversial, ‘Soul of the Nation' speech in August.

The results? 39% of Americans approve of the job President Joe Biden is doing, while just 25 percent of independents approve of the president, the poll revealed.

What’s more, only 9% of Americans say Biden’s America is headed in the right direction. Seventy-four percent say it is headed down the wrong track.

The poll sampled 1,003 Americans from September 12-13 with a 3.8 margin of error. It included 460 Democrats, 360 Republicans, and 124 independents.

The terrible polling for Biden comes as the midterm election is about 50 days away. Biden’s approval rating is a bad sign for Democrats, who are trying to hold on to the Senate and the House.

As the midterms approach, the nation’s top issue remains the economy and specifically inflation (30 percent), the poll found. Immigration (8 percent) and crime (8 percent) round out the top three most important issues for Americans. Once again, the subject of abortion, though specifically asked in every poll, ranks much lower in the level of importance to Americans than Democrats were hoping for.

The Ipsos poll confirmed what a recent Quinnipiac poll revealed; that despite Biden’s attempts to ignore and distract from inflation, soaring costs remain the top issue.

Biden’s recent speeches in the midterm battleground states of Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania have all ignored rising costs for the American worker, the Associated Press reported earlier in the week. Yet food prices remained high, according to the Consumer Price Index, which was also released this week.

Although the establishment media claimed that inflation fell in August, American households did not get any relief in the grocery store aisles. And Americans are not happy according to these direct interviews:

“We’re your typical middle-income average American family,” mother and wife Briana Howard told the New York Post. “We’re more mindful at the grocery store … It’s like, ‘What do we have a coupon for?’ I mindlessly picked up a pack of $10 grapes, that’s not something I can continue to do.”
“Diners have become my luxuries,” attorney Rob Abiuso also told the publication. “There really is no surplus income anymore. There really is no savings anymore. I pray that all this turns around.”
“People have told me I lost weight, but I can’t afford groceries,” comedian Gary DeNoia said. “I used to go shopping and plan my meals for the week. But [now] a Fage yogurt is $10. A bag of Doritos is $7. It’s cheaper to eat takeout … I have never eaten this much Chinese takeout because the lunch special will last me three days.”

Veracity Editor's Note:

This unbiased, non-satirical, fully attributed article was thoroughly researched by our team of fact-checkers and found to be accurate. The sources used for compiling this information were: IPSOS Polling, Interactive Polls, The New York Post, The Associated Press, Real Clear Politics, and interviews with several citizens enumerated within the piece.

Compiled by Chief Political Correspondent Kurt Dillon – Because the Truth Matters!

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