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Veracity Editor's Note to Readers:

This non-satirical, un-opinionated, fully attributed, and unbiased article was compiled by the accredited and degreed veteran investigative reporter Kurt Dillon. It is comprised of information compiled from the following sources: Real Clear Politics, NBC Polling, NBC News, CNN, The Washington Post, Vanity Fair, and The Daily Mail.

Despite continuously abysmal polling numbers, wave after wave of primary election defeats across the nation, and an incredibly unpopular president, biased media are desperately trying to convince American voters that the impending ‘red tsunami', that is likely to hit the American government from sea to shining sea this November, is really nothing more than a little splash.

In recent weeks, we’ve monitored such euphoric headlines as:

“Democrats Enter the Fall Armed with Something New: Hope” (New York Times)

“Democrats Are Starting to See a Path to Victory in November” (Vanity Fair)

“Jubilant Senate Democrats head home with momentum” (Washington Post)

Clearly, many media outlets desperately want you to believe that the Democratic agenda led by President Biden is capturing the hearts and minds of voters. That what was originally supposed to be a massive red congressional and gubernatorial throttling this fall is now really nothing more than a minor inconvenience with the Blue Team poised not only to stave off losses, but to possibly even make gains in November.

That all sounds great if your political ideology leans that way, however, the reality of the situation is very different. If all of the recent polls — particularly one from NBC News last Sunday — are any indication, the reality is very different indeed.

Keep in mind, these are the same news outlets that just two weeks ago were trying to convince us all that Liz Cheney’s pleas for Democratic voter assistance gave her an avenue to victory in the Wyoming GOP primary. We all now know how true that turned out to be.

Because any objective person who understands both political history and political science, knows it’s hard to envision how a president who is polling lower than any first-term President in history (from Truman to Trump) can possibly galvanize voters to pull the lever for his party.

According to NBC News, even after what the media are touting as his recent ‘accomplishments,’ Joe Biden is polling at 42% approval and 57% disapproval, which is relatively unchanged from May.

In fact, Reuters has the president polling at 38% approval and 57% disapproval, while His RealClearPolitics average is hovering around 40% approval.

But how can that be? The Inflation Reduction Act was given a big thumbs-up by more than a few news outlets and journalists who called it a “health care and climate bill” that would reduce not just inflation but prescription drug prices, too, while saving the world from the impending doom of climate-induced destruction.

Those surveyed in the NBC poll, as well as virtually every other poll we could find, see things much differently, however.

When asked, for example, if the Inflation Reduction Act would positively impact their lives, 71% said it would either have no impact or would negatively impact them. When asked if the country is on the right track, a scant 21%said “yes.”

As for inflation, economist Mark Zandi, who is often quoted by the White House, finds that Americans are spending more than $400 dollars per month on crucial items such as food, gas, and clothing than they were a year ago. So much for the president’s claim that the country is experiencing the financial utopia of zero inflation.

The high cost of food, in particular, is taking a toll. According to the national charity Feeding America, 45% of food banks are seeing an increase in demand, while 25 million adults, per the U.S. Census Bureau, sometimes had not eaten enough in the previous week — the highest numbers since December 2020, when the pandemic was still raging.

As for the “The United States economy is not in a recession” argument, also courtesy of Democratic leaders and many media cheerleaders, 68% of those polled feel we are, in fact, in a recession. After two straight quarters of negative growth, and with price increases still at a 40-year high, it doesn’t take a particularly active imagination to see why.

Looking ahead to November’s midterm elections, 47% of registered voters prefer Republicans winning control of Congress, while 45% want Democrats in charge, according to that aforementioned NBC poll.

In 2010, President Obama, polling higher at the time than Biden is today, lost 63 seats when congressional ballot polling showed a 2-point edge for the GOP in the summer of that year.

As for abortion being a huge issue in the coming election, following the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, think again: It ranks sixth, with just 8 percent saying it is the most important issue to them.

Further, while many Democrats continue to bluster that the power of the women’s vote is going to make all the difference in this election, they simply fail to realize that the people leading the charge for pro-life, anti-abortion positions, are also women who vote.

It is also believed by many that a far larger percentage of pro-life female activists are actually registered voters and are most likely to vote in the upcoming elections. This is in contrast to many pro-choicers, who are actively vocal on social media, but are less likely to actually cast a ballot come November.

Similarly, climate change, also a big part of legislation in the Inflation Reduction Act, clocked in with a mere 9% saying it was most important to them.

So, given all these numbers from a poll that was weighted more towards Democratic voters than Republicans, what’s the source of all the Democratic momentum seen by those who cover this stuff?

Perhaps it’s something which, in the sales world, is called “hope casting,” a term applied to those hoping for a result to become true rather than looking at facts and numbers.

A CNN piece that wasn’t labeled as opinion recently declared: “Next time you stop at a gas station, think of it as a $100-a-month tax cut. Or maybe $100-a-month raise. The steady drop in gas prices over the last few months has turned into an unexpected form of economic stimulus, coming at a time when the Federal Reserve is trying to cool the economy and battle rising prices with higher interest rates.”

Get that? Because gas prices have fallen from an all-time high in recent weeks, you just earned a $100 raise! Sure, gas prices are still 75 cents higher than they were a year ago, but that doesn’t count, apparently. It’s like your company cut your pay by $200, only to give you a bonus that equals half of the cut and called it a raise.

In the end, the negative perceptions of Biden as president are still there. Gas prices are still where they are and could begin to rise again, according to top analysts. Crime is still a huge issue, and so is the U.S. border. This may be the reason why so many Democratic candidates don’t want to campaign with Biden or feature him in ads.

Unless conditions on the ground change, don’t expect the president’s poll numbers or his party’s dim prospects to change much as it pertains to control of the House of Representatives. The party in power almost always loses seats. And don’t expect that to change in 2022, despite those euphoric headlines.

Compiled by Chief Political Correspondent Kurt Dillon – Because the Truth Matters!

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